Izzycare Canvasses Partnership with Health Institutions


In an effort to improve the health status of Africans, especially Nigerians and bring healthcare to the doorstep of the masses, a fast growing American healthcare company, Izzycare, has called for institutions to partner with it on the continent with rewards attached.

Speaking on the partnership, Izzycare’s Co-founder, Joswell Valdez, said that the firm’s priority would be on healthcare institutions already on ground such as hospitals and health maintenance organisation (HMOs).

According to him, “We are serious about improving the healthcare of Africans in terms of accessibility to world class doctors and other health experts from the U.S.A, China, India or wherever. We will bring the patient and specialist together under one platform.”

Speaking further, he said Izzycare has developed an app-based consultation which will give interested enrollees unlimited access to teams of high level doctors, psychologists and wellness coaches with their services costing as low as $10 for adults and $5 for teenagers, while babies would get free pass provided the parents are enrollees.

While calling on investors not to lose the opportunity on its ICO, Valdez said both established health institutions as well as private entrepreneurs are welcome to invest and partner with Izzycare and subsequently move the continent’s healthcare forward.

With this trend, stakeholders are of the view that Izzycare’s foray into the African continent could act as a stop gap to persistent industrial actions by health workers.