Lawmakers Collecting Signatures for Buhari’s Impeachment, House Member Alleges


From Deji Elumoye and James Emejo

A member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Muhammed Gudaji Kazaure (APC, Jigawa), Tuesday said some members of the House of Representatives, particularly those in the Peoples Democratic Party, were collecting signatures for the purpose of serving an impeachment notice on President Muhammadu Buhari.

Kazaure, who heads the Justice and Fairness Group of the 8th Assembly – a group created to solely to guard against threats to the president, said his group was aware of the collection of signatures, but added that it would be an exercise in futility as members of his group would resist any threat to the President.

“Nobody will impeach the president because that day will be a whole day,” Kazaure said.

“We know no-one will be bold enough to come and show us that they will be able to impeach the president in the chamber because there’s no two-thirds in the House because our group is strong enough to stop anything called impeachment,” he said while speaking with journalists after the joint session of the National Assembly held behind closed-doors.

Speaking on what transpired during the session, the lawmaker said: “Today we did a joint sitting with the Senate and House of Representatives over the problems between the executive arm of government and the legislature and National Assembly in general.

“And we came up with between 11 to 12 resolutions which are all good as we talked about the issue of killings of innocent people in this country and concluded that it must be stopped, whichever way the service chiefs choose to end them.

“Then we took a resolution that definitely we are approaching the 2019 elections and we have to improve the welfare of Nigerians especially at this period when the price of crude oil has almost risen to $80 per barrel.

“We have to improve the welfare of citizens of the his country so they can see real change before we go for the 2019 elections.

“Then we took a vote of no confidence on the Inspector General of Police because majority of the problems, sometimes, police accuse people without proper investigation and this will bring serious problems between both arms of government. We want the executive and legislative face-off to end.”

He said the joint session agreed that if the government failed to address all the resolutions, the National Assembly will resort to the last legislative action available.

“But many of us were not in support of that resolution because many of us are not in support of threatening the president, because the president we know is a man of integrity. We know his hands are clean but just that some people who surround him are the real issue, and I’m calling on the president to checkmate those persons particularly those whom the masses are complaining about and bring in people that will move this country forward because enough is enough,” he said.

Speaking further, he said: “We don’t want a situation whereby people will create problem for the president and we will come to the House and complain about the president while the president is sometimes inside the Villa and doesn’t even know what’s going on in the country because unless they come and brief him, and some brief him wrongly, and that’s the reality.

“As we are in the House, we have some members in the Senate and I’m sure we will not allow anybody to threaten the president.”

The lawmaker, who said he had never witnessed such a tensed joint session of both chambers, pointed out that lawmakers identified the fact that, “we don’t have the certainty to win elections if things continue this way.”