Group Asks President Buhari to Fulfill Campaign Promises

  • .Implores Nigerians to engage in election process

Ugo Aliogo and Esther Ehoche

The Good Governance Group (G3) has stated that the federal government has failed in delivering the dividends of democracy to the people, noting that the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari has not lived up to its electoral promises and expectations.

The group disclosed this in Lagos at the Voters’ Awareness Campaign exercise it organised convened by the Senior Pastor, Global Impact Church, Pastor Yemi Davids, the Coordinator of the Group, Joseph Rennaiye, urged government to look inward about their performances and reassess the promises they have made to the people.

He lamented that government has not effectively delivered democracy dividends to the people based on what they have promised, adding that the blame should not be only on the leadership alone, as the followers have a role to play.
Rennaiye explained there is need for increased political education for citizens to properly understand the democratic process and their role in the governance, adding that awareness creation and public engagement would help in playing a key role in providing people the opportunity to participate in governance, “I think sharing knowledge and information is very fundamental.”

He noted that the focus of their exercise was to engage the people in the community on the need to participate in the electoral process, stating that every Nigerian have a role to play in governance.

“Today, we set out to create awareness, with the elections around the corner. I believe that as Nigerians we have a stake in the way the country is governed. Good governance is something that very critical to us. Therefore, today what we want to reach out to Nigerians on how they effectively engage in the election process because engagement is a critical part in ensuring that we put in place good governance in the country,” he noted.
Rennaiye further stated that the initiative was launched in September 2, 2017, adding that they had a lecture on good governance which was delivered by Mrs. Bucky Shonibare to commemorate the launch.

According to him, “As Nigerians we will say we have not been able to get what we want from this government because when the government came in with high hope and expectations. I think the government needs to look inward because they come from amongst us before being in the government. They need to reassess the promises they have made to the people and take a look at their performance. I think the government has not effectively delivered democracy to the people based on what they promised and I don’t blame leadership alone because it can be very difficult, but followers also have a role play.

“We are still very far from it even those that have been practising democracy for centuries will tell you they have not achieved that because as human beings we face challenges every day. But rising up to those challenges is one of the things we should be aiming for. Nigeria as a country is very far from it, a lot of things are still not in place. I think one of the things needed in achieving this challenge is education. Today, we want to embark on voter education; people need to know their rights and responsibilities because when there is knowledge, there is some level of liberty that you have.”