Senator Magnus Abe’s Transformational Agenda for Rivers State


Austin Asadu

There is little doubt that the national, regional and global arena is in tumult with all manner of security threats and breaches, terrorism, bombings, civil war and even the spectre of Nuclear Armaggedon looming ominously as geopolitical rivals like the United States, Russia, China, North Korea, Japan etc jockey for position and advantage in numerous hotspots across the world. However, it is at times like this that resolute and committed statesmen and purposeful political leaders and corporate moguls emerge to lead their people out of the morass of despair, decay, despondency and disillusion that is currently prevailing. For instance during the Second World War, when all hope was lost and Nazi Germany was at the verge of dominating most parts of the world, President Franklin Roosevelt (USA), Josef Stalin (Russia) and Winston Churchill (Great Britain) rose up in defiant courage to confront and ultimately defeat Adolf Hitler’s infamous Third Reich.

Likewiseduring the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, when the Soviet Union and the United State of America squared off over the location of Russian nuclear missiles in Cuba, President John F. Kennedy, Defense Secretary John McNamara and, Secretary of State Dean Rusk, together with their Russian counterparts were able to resolve the crisis adroitly without resort to the military option favoured by Cold War hardliners on both sides of the crisis. Coming closer home, the Nigeria Civil War was bitterly fought with casualties running into millions of innocent lives lost or injured, however the humane and conciliatory approach adopted by leaders like Gen. Yakubu Gowon and Olusegun Obasanjo was instrumental to the reconciliation process and the reaffirmation of national unity, peace and stability.

In Rivers State, a lot of divisions, political, ethnic and sectional exist as a result of the contest for control and management of state resources, be it financial or material and the atmosphere is indeed charged and tension soaked as the 2019 general elections approach. However, the epoch making declaration by Distinguished Senator Magnus Ngei Abe of his intention to contest for the gubernatorial position marks a watershed in Rivers State’s social, political and economic reckoning thus raising the hopes and aspirations of the people several notches higher as they fervently anticipate the berthing of a brighter, more prosperous and tremendously rewarding future for their generation and generations unborn.

As millions of expectant citizens celebrate the game changing entry of Senator Magnus Abe in the gubernatorial contest, social affairs commentators and public policy analyst think tanks are awash with coherent and positive analysis of the implications of the dynamic federal lawmaker’s declaration on the political landscape of Rivers State as strategic permutations and calculations have been inexorably altered as a result of this historic, precedent-shattering decision. Indeed Senator Magnus Abe’s credentials as an astute administrator, consummate technocrat, constitutional avatar as well as a top notch legislative paragon are impeccable and unimpeachable having served in the Rivers State House of Assembly, also as Commissioner of Finance, Secretary to the Rivers State Government and presently a Distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic representing the stoic and hardworking people of Rivers East Senatorial Zone. Without doubt, Senator Magnus Abe has the brevity of experience, the erudity of knowledge and technical competence combined with the sagacity, fortitude and fervor to take Rivers State out of the woods and usher in a refreshing regime of due process, probity, transparency and accountability devoid of ethnic bickering, sectional rancour and acrimony and the brazen looting of state resources and finances by the powers that be.

As the super-achieving Secretary to the State Government from 2007 – 2011, Senator Magnus Abe thoroughly revamped and repositioned the Rivers State public service for a more proactive and responsive service delivery to the people weeding out laggards and malcontent from the system and abolishing the previous arcane system of cronyism, nepotism, sectionalism, favouritism and all other negative isms. Promotions, postings, deployments and all other administrative procedures were carried out in strict compliance with relevant public service statues, orders and regulations while contract awards, procurements, prequalifications, tenders etc were also processed in line with the exacting diktat of the Public Procurement Act. Ministries, departments and agencies of the Rivers States Government were thoroughly restructured and revitalised thus ensuring optimal performance which was reflected in higher staff morale and productivity thus ensuring a sharp uptick in the internally generated revenue and gross income of the state’s treasury. The abolition of corruption, waste, mismanagement as well as sharp practices and kickbacks occasioned by Senator Magnus Abe’s transparency and accountability desiderata transformed Rivers State into a prosperous, viable and star performing entity, indeed the economic, industrial and corporate hub of the entire South-South region almost rivaling the famed Asian Tigers of recent lore. After he left Rivers State public service for the Senate, the state of affairs collapsed almost irredeemably, IGR sunk to an all time low, physical infrastructure in decay and disuse, insecurity worsened with kidnappings, cult killings and rampant violence and civil unrest ruling the waves. Indeed the time has come for Rivers State to redeem its image and reclaim its lost glory and there is no better candidate for this tough and herculean assignment than Senator Magnus Abe who has the vision, the courage, the sincerity, the strength of character, the clarity of purpose and the firmness of conviction to confront the venal and capricious cabal that is holding millions of Rivers State citizens hostage. Given his detribalised, unbiased and non-partisan disposition, Senator Magnus is the right leader to unite and reconcile the warring factions of the Treasure Base of the Nation under his banner of ‘One Rivers One Destiny’ as well as ensuring fast track economic growth, political stability, industrial, infrastructural, manufacturing rejuvenation and revitalisation. The tourism potentials of the state will assume added vigour and fruitfulness in an environment of peace and tranquility while foreign investors will be wooed assiduously with generous tax breaks and property rate waivers. ICT companies like IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Apple, SAMSUNG etc will be encouraged to set up facilities, plants and factories through the establishment of a groundbreaking high-tech park to rival the legendary Silicon Valley of the United States. Agricultural and agrarian friendly policies will also feature majorly in the foresighted policy paradigm of Senator Magnus Abe thus breathing fresh life unto traditional agriculture, fish farming, animal husbandry, poultry farming as well as other agrarian and horticultural endeavours. Subsidised fertilisers, tractors, harvesters, mechanical planters etc will be regularly supplied to farmers across the state in order to further boost agricultural production.

Indeed the scope, breadth and depth of the indefatigable Senator Magnus Abe transformational agenda for his beloved state will be elaborated in subsequent articles, but it is fair and safe to declare that happy days are here again if and when the benevolent and supremely competent Senator Magnus Abe assumes the mantle of executive governor of Rivers State come 2019. To God be the Glory.

.Asadu is of the Legislative Writers Forum