Grandma Wura Gets Set for Children’s Day


Yinka Olatunbosun

Proud African Roots presents Story – Theatre with Grandma Wura. This show is children’s theatre at its best, with moral lessons for young minds. It is a blend of African tales, music and dance performances on stage using spectacular lighting and colourful costumes.

For this year, a three-day event with a total of nine shows in celebration of Children’s Day is set to take place on the 25th, 26th and 27th of May at the Terra Kulture Arena, Victoria Island, Lagos. 

This year’s edition features the story of ‘Ebi-Bulu’, a musical theatre which is created by Proud African Roots and written by Charles Nwaokolo. It is directed by Israel Memoriame Wekpe and produced by Bola Edwards. 

Ebi-Bulu simply means ‘Good Heart’. It is an Ijaw based story of betrayal between two friends, who are torn apart as a result of greed and quest for power. 

Timi and Preye set out on a mission to conquer a monster fish which was eating up their fishes and polluting their water thereby, affecting the source of their people’s economy. The reward for the good hearted one who would risk his life to kill the monster fish was the throne. 

Mrs. Edward explained that “Story Theatre with Grandma Wura” is performance that combines all elements of Grandma Wura’s mission of raising a new generation of leaders through her school tours, contents, events and other activities into a single unforgettable theatrical experience. 

“An audience of over 4000 in total is expected to be in attendance which includes schools, families, religious worship groups and government officials as well as celebrities from various works of life,’’ she stated.

The songs in Ebi-Bulu are written and composed by Patrick Edwards, translated and arranged by Charity Omaghomi, with choreography by Frank Konwea. 

“Story Theatre with Grandma Wura has four editions from 2015 to 2017 inclusive of performances in schools, families, orphanages, churches and so on. 

“Story Theatre with Grandma Wura” 2018 is managed by Toyin Ubamadu, sponsored by MTN and supported by Maltina, Nestle, Terra Kulture and 4RealVentures.