Red Cross Expands Medical Coverage, Launches Website


Ayodeji Ake

The voluntary aid society and an auxiliary to public authorities, Red Cross, has launched its website in a view of expanding the medical outreach of the body in Nigeria, as well as creating accessible platform for registration.

According the National President, Red Cross society Nigeria, Chief Bolaji Anani, he told journalists at the official launch of the website in Lagos recently, that the society is embarking on a restructuring programme and resilience activities in rural and urban areas to empower residents on self medical aid.

He said: “The Nigeria Red Cross Society is part of a global movement. It contends more of humanitarian activities. We work in collaboration without conflict. We deliver service as appropriate. It’s a community base humanitarian organisation because we are all over Nigeria.

“Where there is disaster, diseases, displacements from conflicts, and dehumanisation of human being we are always there. We are also carrying out resilience duties because we may not be there all the time. Disaster and conflict can occur anytime, so we build resilience so that the people will be able to do something for them self.”

Bolaji noted the organisation has also been committed to educating, informing and empowering communities on me3dical aid. “We prepare the community and our population by way of education. We send out messages that will sustain wellness. We give out warning message to people where there is disaster. We carry out swift response by supporting people by way of distribution of materials and other form of help.”

He further said the society was set to develop new system and capacity by way of developing new polices and sanctions by also improving on status and collaborations with the nation societies. “We invite in new partnership and new strategies. We have got a lot of international partnership for development to deliver medical services, also embracing the internet services. We are also rebuilding our relationship with the government at the federal level and in the state. Currently, we have about 300 staff employees and over 5,000 volunteers trained and we are not relenting,” he said

Emphasising on resilience building, Bolaji said the dream is to ensure the community stand on its own. “We tend to keep that flying with community engagement. We ensure we carry them along in our activities. The women are also empowered to ensure they know the basics of first aid application to ensure health safety.”

Head of Delegation, International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC), Mr. Eloi Fillion, commended the new initiative of website launch. He restated the Red Cross society will not relent in it endeavours to ensure rapid medical response when needed.

“We are working on ending the suffering of human life and dignity which is the core focus of the movement. We are partnering for financial support, training and other relevant help to ensure a rapid response of Red Cross. We are creating a real picture of humanity,” he said.