Canon Hosts all its Service Centre Partner Heads in Dubai


Canon Central and North Africa (CCNA), the leader in imaging solutions, hosted its partners’ service heads in Central and North Africa at an event in Dubai, in order to foster stronger partnerships, enhance customer satisfaction and improve after sales services.

The event which held on the 12th of April, 2018 was the first gathering of Canon partner service heads in Central and North Africa, and was designed to help the company and service partners achieve a closer working approach with its partners, foster efficient collaboration, listen and share best practices as well as agree on customer- centric actions together.

Cementing their commitment to supporting partners, CanonCNA also reaffirmed its intention of continuously enabling partners through sharing knowledge and techniques for adapting to changing technologies; in order to ensure that even remote services for customers in Africa are up to the highest of standards.

Roman Troedhandl, Managing Director of Canon Central and North Africa (CCNA), also acknowledged this support by stating: “Our partner organizations have always been – and will continue to remain – at the core of our overall growth strategy. We will continue with our strategy of being closer to our partners, and will support them in every possible way, especially through the regular trainings we conduct. We are focusing on enhancing customer experiences and satisfaction by cultivating more meaningful interaction with our target audiences, while maintaining our commitment to channel and partner development. This strategy allows Canon and its business units to effectively address the unique requirements of our customers. To this end, we will continually engage with our service partners to better understand their specific customer requirements, listen to their feedback and equip them with the tools that allow for proactive services”.

Canon partners manage service centers that support after sales services of all B2C products including DSC, DSLR, professional video, OPP inkjet- and Laser-printers, projectors and calculators under the Canon Central and North Africa warranty program. The warranty program which is an initiative to promote customer support is the first of its kind under Canon Central and North Africa and offers customers an exclusive 3-year manufacturer warranty for certain Canon brands.

This gathering of Canon’s partner service heads further supports both Canon and its partners in developing efficient means of working together, with the ultimate goal being customer satisfaction and support.

With Africa being the world’s growing and emerging market and Nigeria being the focal point of that growth, CCNA continuously aims at extending its services to the largest number of customers. Adopting a “closer-to customer” strategy Canon’s business within Africa will only be strengthened and more focused as per each market’s local requirements.