Ekiti APC’s Show of Shame


The turn of events at the botched governorship primaries of the All Progressives Congress (APC) party in Ekiti State penultimate Saturday is a sad reminder of a society yet to learn anything from its tottering 20 years democratic journey.

For a people fixated only on what they are able to excavate from their ‘dying country’ and not what they could do to alleviate its pitiful state and record their names against the good memories of history, they might be doomed as the guinea pig of events of history.

That a process had begun in earnest and smooth and suddenly, some persons, for reasons other than self-aggrandisement chose to undo the process by disrupting an otherwise peaceful exercise exposes some of the characters that are helplessly the enemies of progress and democracy. Ekiti APC fumbled during that exercise and they are going to live with the stigma for years to come, even though a rerun eventually held yesterday. But the show they put up penultimate Saturday was simply irresponsible and shameful!