Efoziem Seeks Synergy Between Private Practitioners, Security Agencies


Chiemelie Ezeobi

As one of the panacea for tackling insecurity in Nigeria, the Managing Director of Strict Guards Security, Mr. Bone Efoziem, has called for synergy between private practitioners and security agencies.

Efoziem, made this call after he bagged a Masters Degree in Security and Intelligence Studies from the prestigious University of Lagos (UNILAG).

The foremost security boss, who graduated alongside his 14 other classmates from the School of Postgraduates Studies, at the school’s 50th convocation ceremony, noted that it was only with such synergy that the security challenges facing the nation can be ameliorated.

He said, “The importance of synergy between security agencies and private practitioners can never be understated. Anything done in isolation never works. There are benefits in working together.

“Already, this course alone gives room for networking. In my class, we had serving customs and police officers. Our security industry is very much untapped and it seems like this is a call to rescue Nigeria from its security challenges because they are training professionals in security management.

“The course we did was tailored towards grooming people that will better manage the security of the Nigerian nation. Already, it has domiciled my knowledge of the Nigerian security challenges to what is currently in our environment and ways to curbing the security menace troubling our nation.

“Our people are yet to understand that security, primarily, should be proactive and I have known better through this course that making proactive security arrangements is much better. Starting from my local area, I will begin to give professional advice and reach out to those in authority to proffer solutions.

“I will organise programmes and symposiums that will encourage people to be more concerned with their environment as relates to security and safety”, he said.

Also speaking, Garuba Kakudi, an Assistant Controller of Customs, who also spoke on the advantages of the course to his knowledge of security, said he would channel what he learnt to his field.

He said, “With my security training background, this training helped me build my capacity in security knowledge and enhance our operational systems.”

On how to channel the security training he learnt in tackling the nation’s porous borders he said, “We have over 700 borders to be manned and the government is trying its best but the vast landscape of our terrains make it difficult.

“However, putting facilities in place to checkmate smugglers is key because when you block one porous border did smugglers, they find another route.

“Thus, we need more faculties and equipment like scanners and sniffer dogs in place. Already, some of our scanners are obsolete. Also, we need to train and retrain our personnel.”

Another graduand, Akanle Olanrewaju, the CEO of Bulwark Vault and Safety, said the course created more awareness to him, security wise, adding that people are not security conscious.

Another customs officer, Adekunle Oluwabusayo, said she garnered a lot of knowledge that she would put to use in her work.

The class captain, Mr. Adegbola Johnson, who is also attached to the State Criminal Intelligence and Investigation Department (SCIID), Panti, Yaba, harped on how the course broadened his horizon.

He said, “I acquired a lot in covert operations, social engineering, intelligence gathering and protecting the nation’s territorial integrity. I also learnt on how to identify, prevent and control crime.”