Gbam Lotto Set to Empower Nigerians with N7bn Annual Reward


Emma Okonji
Gbam International Investments Ltd, a lottery and gaming company, has introduced Gbam Lucky Scratch lotto game that will empower winners with over N7 billion annually.

The Gbam Lucky Scratch is now available at, according to the organisers.
Gbam, the new market disruptor, has perfected plans to unveil a series of innovative products and services that will herald a new vista in the gaming industry, and in the process, redefine the nation’s lottery landscape.

With the coming of Gbam Lotto, Nigerians will be availed the opportunity to instantly transform their lives via the new online platform, and in a matter of weeks, Gbam Lucky Scratch Cards, will be available at leading supermarkets, micro stores, kiosks and independent retailers.

Built on a solid value system of reliability, innovation, empowerment and social responsibility, Gbam offers an immersive and entertaining scratch, win and cash out game, never seen in Nigeria before, the organisers said.

The globally known concept of scratch and win has been evolved to create game themes that leverage on Nigeria’s pop culture, sports and current affairs. The game styles are unprecedented in their entertainment value, mass appeal, and empowerment fervour
Licensed by the Nigerian Lottery Commission, Gbam organisers said they were motivated by the quest to positively transform lives through empowerment and instant situational change, as well as philanthropy.

As part of its commitment to promoting the entrepreneurial spirit of Nigerians, Gbam will strive to create and sustain focused and mutually rewarding partnership with small businesses, through a distribution strategy that focuses purely on retail development.
Gbam’s products and propositions promise to be as value adding as its mass appeal will be as far reaching. The coming of Gbam Lotto is bound to excite the market to no end, the organisers said.