How Canada Plans to Halt Nigerian Asylum Seekers


It’s certainly going to be a long walk to the proverbial greener pastures for many Nigerians seeking better life abroad.

Asides the tales of horror of those young and professional Nigerians who are taking the treacherous Libya-Mediterranean route to Europe, the agonies of some in North America are better imagined than experienced.

A recent report by notable US newspaper has something to say on the difficult experience of Nigerians who, having lived in or arrived the US and are uncertain about the future of immigration under the Trump’s administration, are now risking a walk from America to Canada to seek asylum.

And guess what! The Canadian government is having none of that.

As such, apart from the plans to keep tougher checks on her borders to prevent the foot traffic of Nigerian asylum seekers, Canada is suggesting to America to put up more stringent visa procurement requirements to halt potential immigrants or asylum seekers from getting visas to the US which they’ve devised as means of reaching Canada.

Really, one wonders how more difficult visa procurement can be with the demeaning encounters of Nigerians, both wealthy and poor, who line up under rain and sunshine for visas to different countries in North America, Europe and some parts of Africa.

This ultimately underscores Nigeria’s need to work out her own plan of making the country more attractive and comfortable for its citizens.