Accenture Innovation Index 2018 Entry Opens


Emma Okonji

In partnership with the Lagos Business School and select C-Suites from tier one companies, Accenture has announced the commencement of its Innovation Index 2018 Entries.

Accenture applies best practice research approaches to provide a confidential customised innovation diagnostic report that identifies each participant’s innovation strengths and weaknesses, benchmarks their innovation within their industries, and presents strategies that may help them gain competitive advantage.

According to Accenture Nigeria’s managing director in charge of Financial services, Toluleke Adenmosun, “The banking industry is evolving right now, requiring banks to navigate through significant challenges to not only maintain their profitability but to also increase their revenue and meet the customers dynamic demands.

He said: “The topic of “Innovation” is a critical discussion among the Banking C-Suites right now, as Banks are being pushed to think about innovation in new ways that were unimaginable just a decade ago. We believe, the biggest challenge banking in Nigeria is facing is keeping up with the changes in digital technology, consumer expectations and governmental regulations. Accenture has received a significant number of requests from banks asking for greater insight and assistance on Innovation in the first few months of 2016. And with a rapidly evolving ecosystem, banks must make innovation a part of their culture and rotate to the new.”

“The Accenture Innovation Index 2018 will survey nearly 100 companies in banking and Fintech space, which will include interactions with the executives. This year’s index will focus on banking and the fintech industry that is driving an increasing number of solutions to customers in the financial services space. As companies in this space are pressured to innovative and create new products and services, their impact is shaping people’s lives and contributing to the improvement of living standards in the country. In subsequent editions other industries and their impact will be indexed to give an even broader view of the various industries strengths and the nation’s most advantageous attributes,” Adenmosun said.