The Dome Stages a Comeback  


Repackaged and reloaded to change the entertainment and leisure landscape of Abuja, The Dome, writes Iyobosa Uwugiaren, is set to return to business in a big way

Remember The Dome? Once an iconic prime entertainment and hospitality center located in the Central Area of Abuja, the leisure and business place is set to come back to reckoning.

Created in 2005 by politician cum businessman, Obiora Okonkwo, as a home-grown brand to offer members of the public several options for dining, relaxation, fitness, business meetings and entertainment, the centre went into recess mode a couple of years back.

But its Head, Corporate Communication, Achilleus-Chud Uchegbu, says The Dome is now ‘’reloaded and repackaged, to become a world class luxury destination for recreation, leisure and conference/workshop activities.”

Stamping the classical status of The Dome, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, along with the crème of Nigeria’s elite and entertainment buffs, agreed to re-commission the entertainment centre on May 11, 2018.

The event, which is promoted to start at 5pm, is expected to attract the who’s who in the entertainment industry. Uchegbu told THISDAY that ‘’top-rate Nigerian and international celebrities’’ had been lined up to be part of the three-day grand event.

“The commissioning marks a major milestone in our commitment to change the entertainment and leisure landscape of the country; we have repackaged and reloaded The Dome to offer the public options for relaxation, entertainment and leisure with the addition of The Francis Hotel,’’ its chairman, Okonkwo, said.

He added that the management was set to recreate The Dome and give it a new face and meaning so that it fills a void that had existed in Nigeria.

‘’We are using The Dome as our template to drive the diversification crusade of government and support it in its job creating efforts. We are also using it to provide a platform for Nigeria’s creative industry which holds a lot of promises for our youths and our national future”, he further explained.

“Our target is to grow The Dome to become an indigenous brand and household name for world class entertainment and hospitality with an array of offers to keep all happy and entertained. You’ll always fall in love with The Dome.’’

The repackaged centre offers plenty services. In The Dome is  ‘’Bowling Alley’’, which offers customers options to enjoy a game of bowling over a 10 pin, six lanes alley that frees you to express yourself and reignite your passion for games, music and bar. With table games to support, the Bowling Alley comes in as the best — there is yet in Nigeria. It is also built to accommodate large groups sharing fun together; it brings out the fun in you.

The Twin Café offers you a cosmopolitan setting with tastefully baked pastries, coffee tastes better that the Twins Café, where you have options for different flavours of freshly brewed coffee and tea. At the café, you can also work with our 24/7 high speed Wi-Fi, while the aroma of coffee supports you from end to end tasks. The Twins Café opens for breakfast every day at 6am making it the perfect place to start your day.

The Paradisio unite offers you the best in/outdoors with a poolside view. As you approach the section, the lush green grass brings nature closer to you, while the evening breeze that blows like the breeze in Shanghai, helps you calm nerves after the day’s work is done. It is designed to also welcome you into special events like pre-wedding photo shoots, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, poolside parties and more. The Paradisio also offers you options for buffet at lunch time. As a customer, Andy Obi told THISDAY, ‘’It is the perfect place to unwind over whiskey on the rocks while observing the stars twinkle away the night.’’

Visit the ‘’Summit’’ unite of The Dome: it is the centre perfect offering for cosmopolitan dining. Supported by a cool bar, you are sure of quality time at the Summit Restaurant & Bar, where chefs will tickle your taste buds with culinary specials, continental and African, which will make you salivate the day after. The Summit also gives you options for quixotic/romantic diners, where the lighting re-ignites the romantic in you; the ambience is simply inviting.

When the need is a get-away that protects you from noise and allows you to relax in a comfort of a home — that is away from your home, take a trip to The Francis Hotel at The Dome. The hotel is the centre’s luxury-boutique-offering, which pampers you to a touch of royalty. Lavishly furnished for your comfort and relaxation, if you are travelling for business or leisure, visit the Francis Hotel at The Dome and be hooked.

If you regularly need the services of Spa, the Camelot Spa is a place you urgently need to visit. 

At the Spa you rediscover yourself with a touch of perfection from the Camelot Spa. Many experts there are trained to give you that special care, which you need to help bring out the beauty in you; return to the original you and be the woman/man you have always wanted to be, and engross yourself in exotic therapies that revivify your body in a nature reserve — filled with creative aroma from the orient. The Camelot Spa, is arguably an international franchise berthed at the Dome for your pleasure.

The Wesley Snipes Lounge also at The Dome is the perfect spot to unwind and calm nerves over brandy and soothing music. Going by customers who regularly visit the lounge, it is obviously made for the ‘’big boys’’ of society with an extra touch of luxury for their relaxation. To be sure, when the need is a hangout that offers you opportunity to also network on deals, while enjoying the finest of bars, the Wesley Snipes Lounge comes in handy alongside the Eagle Private VIP room.

Be fit again! Work on your physique; burn the calories and get into shape again: that’s what the Body Trust Fitness and Health Center at The Dome offers you. With state of the art facilities, you are invited to a world of fitness, which comes with a well-equipped Health Bar that allows you to select from a variety of wellness drinks. The fitness center offers you options for membership and walk-in; it’s a center you’ll love to like — either as an early riser or late-night fitness buff.

You want to express yourself with the finest cigar over brandy on the rocks? Then visit the Satchmo/Cigar Lounge where you free your soul and relax after the day’s labour. It is a place where the ambience not only invites but arrests your sense.