Herdsmen Killings: What Cooperation Does FG Seek?


The federal government, last week, said it had been unable to effectively contain the spate of mindless killings by herdsmen, because it was not getting required cooperation from the opposition in the country. Seriously, it is difficult for anyone to wrap their gingers around the intent of the government as far as the statement is concerned.

Otherwise what manner of cooperation does the government seek from an opposition it has consistently demonised? How best does the federal government intend to get the opposition it has called names on the same page with it on issues of collective national interest, when it has never factored days like this into consideration? How about trusting each other to be able to work together?

It is about time government learnt to stop blaming others for its palpable inadequacies, after all, it came into office, dangling the solutions to practically all of Nigeria’s problems and now, it seeks to blame the opposition for being unable to rein in the killer herdsmen? Government had better start taking responsibilities, perhaps, that way it would attract genuine help, both within and outside its comfort zones.