Organisations Overhauling IT will Leapfrog Competition, Says Dell EMC


Emma Okonji

Dell EMC has announced the results of new research conducted by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) into the benefits of information technology (IT) transformation which validates that IT transformation can result in bottom-line benefits that drive business differentiation, innovation and growth.

Today’s business landscape is rife with disruption, much of it driven by organisations using technology in new or innovative ways. In order to survive and thrive in today’s digital world, businesses are implementing new technologies, processes and skillsets to best address changing customer needs. A fundamental first step to this change is transforming IT, to help organisations bring products to market faster, remain competitive and drive innovation.

Vice Chairman, Products and Operations, Dell Technologies, Jeff Clarke, said: “Data is the new competitive edge – yet it’s become highly distributed across the edge, the core data center and cloud. Organisations realise they have to move quickly to turn that data into business intelligence – requiring an end-to-end IT infrastructure that can manage, analyse, store and protect data everywhere it lives.
“We’re in the business of better business outcomes, giving our customers the ability make that end-to-end strategy a reality, driving disruptive innovation without the fear of being disrupted themselves.”

ESG employed a research-based, data-driven maturity model to identify different stages of IT Transformation progress and determine the degree to which global organisations have achieved those different stages, based on their responses to questions about their organisations’ adoption of modernised data centre technologies, automated IT processes and transformed organisational dynamics.

Vice President of Research, Enterprise Strategy Group, John McKnight, said: “Companies today need to be agile to stay competitive and drive growth, and IT transformation can be a major enabler of that. It’s clear that IT Transformation is increasingly resonating with companies and that senior executives recognisse how IT Transformation is pivotal to overall business strategy and competitiveness.”

At Dell Technologies World, which holds April 30th to May 3rd, 2018, experts from Dell EMC will discuss these results and demonstrate how IT transformation creates a digital advantage that can help businesses become more valuable to customers and more competitive in their respective markets.