Lanre Da-Silva To Conquer New Territories


Popular  fashion designer, Lanre Da Silva-Ajayi, comes across as a restless soul.  She is constantly driven by an ambition to rule her world. As far as she is concerned, opportunities abide everywhere except for those who have set some limitations for themselves.
In her case,  she dreams big. No wonder,  having  stamped her authority in the nation’s fashion industry, she is set  to expand her business  empire and further grow her clientele beyond the shores of Nigeria.
Spy glass gathered that the very creative designer  is planning to  open shops in some parts of East as well as South Africa.

Over the years, her name has become synonymous with fashion and style.  This is no exaggeration  as she has been faithful to her first love, fashion design for many years with several credible awards to her credit.
Since the Lagos State-born fashion designer set out to live her dream, she has been a source of encouragement and great motivation to many younger ones who see her as a good role model.
But for her love for fashion design, she would have been one of the top players in the corporate world, having bagged a master’s degree in Finance from the University of Leicester, United Kingdom.
Even in the face of stiff competition in the industry today, LDA is still a leading outfit in the industry, thanks to her ingenuity.

She is able to combine pattern, print, exquisite and even traditional fabrics to produce day wear, evening wear, gowns and cocktail dresses. She is into formal and casual wears and enjoys designing the formal wears more, as they are tailored for more elaborate events and show more couture which the LDA brand is all about.
She  recently showcased her ingenuity with her special collections in a grand style at the  Arise Fashion Week show, where her outing was applauded  by the audience.