Bosch Power Tools Inaugurates Experience Centre

Bosch Power Tools Nigeria has inaugurated its Power Tools experience centre in sub-Saharan Africa, in Lagos. The experience centre, which was said to focus on delivering the latest Bosch Power Tools innovations to professionals and tradesmen, was established in partnership with Amicable Concerns Limited,

According to the Country Sales Director, Frank Diermann, the experience centre will focus on professional users in the construction space as well as tradesmen, artisans, and craftsmen. He also stated that it will assist users to meet the demands of the growing Nigerian economy, especially in the area of infrastructural development.

‘’Users can enjoy tailored application trainings, for example,with benchtop, impact drills and measuring tools and have the opportunity to purchase the latest Bosch power tools and accessories. To increase user convenience, the centre offers a drop off and pick up service for all aftersales service needs.

 “In support of the rapid infrastructural developments in Nigeria, the exclusive first of its kind Bosch Power Tools experience centrein the Sub Saharan Africa provides professionals and tradesmen with know-how and tools that are easy to use and that willsignificantly increase productivity in their day-to-day work. The experience centre is essential for the Nigerian market,” he said.

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