Rotary Club Creates Awareness on Service to Humanity


Ake Ayodeji

District Governor 9110, Dr. Wale Ogungbade, has said that the awareness campaign embarked on by the Rotary Club was aimed at encouraging Nigerians to join the organisation in order to pull strength together in service to humanity.
Ogungbade said Rotary Club has been in existence for about 113 years but many people are unaware about Rotary activities. This development made the club to annually organise a walk in Rotary week to create awareness about the organisation and impact in the society.

He told journalists at the awareness walk staged in Lagos recently that Rotary exists in more than 200 countries but the scores in Nigeria is far below average, thereby, encouraging people to join the organisation.

He further said in Rotary, “what we do is to impact lives, to render help to the society and the less-privileged. So there are lots of gaps that we as Rotarians fill. We serve humanity without expecting no returns. There are six areas of focus, maternal and child health. All over the world, Africa has the worst maternal and child health ratio. We are also devoted to sanitation of our environment, there are a lot of people out there who do not have access to water and drink on the street.

“Even in Lagos schools we have children sit on the floor. N5,000 can start a business but there are lots of people out there who can’t afford it. Those are the things we do but 8,000 Rotarians in a population of over 180 million is poor and that is why we are calling out on people to be part of us.”

Speaking on benefit, he said “Rotary started with four friends in Chicago to support themselves business wise and along the line they chose to serve others. So in our organisation we support each other and still contribute to the society. Our belief is that when you serve humanity, God will reward you.”

The chairman, Committee for Rotary Week and Awareness Day, Mr. Yinka Adeogun, also noted that the event was designed to create awareness to people in Lagos State that Rotary exists, obligations and benefits of the organisation.

“Not only creating awareness but we have been rolling out different programmes during the week and we decided to end the programme with awareness to encourage people to come join Rotary and join a team that is more concerned about service to humanity,” he said.