SKG Introduces Lumal Dispersible Malaria Tablets for Infants


SKG Pharma Limited, makers of a wide range of pharmaceutical products recently unveiled its latest product: Lumal Dispersible Malaria Tablets.

Known for taking ergonomic measures in quality drugs production, SKG Pharma has specifically formulated the drug to address the treatment needs of children within the age group of 0-5. Lumal is pleasant tasting disperses easily in small amount of water and has the accurate dosage of 20/120ml.

Marketing Manager, SKG Pharma Limited, Victoria Okon while presenting the new product said: ‘For a while there has been a dearth in acquiring and administering the accurate malaria drug for infants in this part of the world. Malaria tablets are forcefully given to kids because of the unpleasantness of its taste. This has the most unsatisfactory result as most times, the dosage is not right and children will naturally spill it out of their mouths. With Lumal dispersible malaria tablets, administration will be easier, resulting to effective treatment of the malaria fever in kids’.

Managing Director of SKG Pharma Limited, Dr Okey Akpa urged Nigerians patronise qualitydrugs made in Nigeria as they are as effective and in some cases more potent than foreign drugs. He said buying products/drugs made in Nigeria is one way to create job opportunities and improve the wellbeing of the economy.