By Chris Azebamwan, State Publicity Secretary, APC Edo State

At page 13 of the Vanguard Newspaper of Monday 9th April, 2018, Chief Dan Orbih was quoted as saying that there are no water projects being executed by the Edo State Government in collaboration with the European Union.  In his characteristic haste to wail and accuse the performing government of Governor Godwin Obaseki of all sorts of imagined crimes and lapses, he said the ongoing and highly profitable engagement of the Edo State Government with the EU was fraudulent. 

If Dan Orbih had taken the pains to go to the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources, or the EU contact person, he would not have publicly embarrassed himself as he has done.  It is indicative of the lacklustre and visionless leadership that he has foisted on the PDP for their State Chairman not to be aware that the EU is an international body that will not be swayed by partisan considerations to engage in a cover-up or subterfuge with the government of Edo State. 

The water projects are on ground and verifiable.  The APC-led government of Edo State will not indulge Dan Orbih in his planned jamboree of touring the State at public expense.  He can take all the press crew and civil society organizations that he can afford on a verification tour.  The locations and technical specifications of the various water projects are in the public domain.  All that is needed is for Dan Orbih and his PDP wailers to avail themselves of the facts.  Their campaign of calumny will not repair or reverse the damage which they inflicted on themselves in all their years of misrule in Edo State.  They betrayed the peoples’ trust and the people of Edo State will not be fooled a second time. The downhill slide of their political fortunes is irreversible.