Bafarawa Tasks Tiv Community on Peace


Mohammed Aminu in Sokoto
Former Sokoto State Governor, Alhaji Attahiru Bafarawa, has advised the Tiv community in Sokoto State to live in peace with their host community, saying foreigners were behind the killings in Benue State.

Bafarawa made the remark while receiving a delegation of Tiv Community under the leadership of Mr. Samuel Ambiam, who visited his residence in Sokoto yesterday.

According to him, they should reciprocate the gesture given to them for many decades by the Hausa Fulani in Sokoto State by living in harmony, as majority of them are now established with children and grandchildren.

He noted that most Fulani have been living peacefully with Tiv communities in all the states of the North without any problem.

Bafarawa however, lamented that due to misunderstanding and politics, they are now fighting and killing people without cogent reasons.

The former governor insisted that foreigners were behind the incessant attacks on communities in Benue State.
“Our own Fulani here do not carry guns, they move around with sticks to protect their livestock from night marauders and wild animals. So, the attacks and killings in Benue are being perpetrated by foreigners.

“We are all aware how the Hausa Fulani and Tiv do joke and share banter as northerners with respect, love and unity, especially during the era of Sir Ahmadu Bello.

“But now we have turned against one another with guns, cutlasses and other weapons destroying lives and property. This is very sad and unfortunate to see Tiv people and Fulani killing one another due to intolerance and ignorance among our people,” he said.

Earlier, the leader of the group , described Bafarawa as man of peace who is committed to peace and stability of the nation.
He said members of the Tiv community were at his residence to express their appreciation over his donation of N10 million to victims of the crisis in Benue State.

“Your donation has eased some of the problems being faced by our people, as some of the victims from both sides have benefitted and are now using part of your donation to rebuild their lives after losing their properties.
“On behalf of the entire Tiv community in Sokoto State and the nation at large, we are grateful for the kind gesture and honour done to us by your brotherly visit to Benue State,” he added.