Chivita Co-sponsors World Speech Day in Lagos


As part of its consumer engagement and brand building efforts, Chi Limited through its range of innovative, high quality, refreshing Chivita Juices recently co-sponsored this year’s edition of World Speech day Lagos.

In partnership with organisers of the World Speech Day Lagos, Chivita Juices was the exclusive beverage partner to provide unrivalled refreshment to participants as they unleashed their potentials through the power of speech.

Perfect for refreshment and focused on delighting as well as satisfying consumers, Chivita Juices like Chivita 100 per cent, Chivita Active, Chi Exotic, Happy Hour by Chivita and Chi Ice Tea are the number one choice for consumers because they aren’t just great tasting drinks, but a daily source of refreshment, nourishment and rejuvenation for health conscious consumers who desire utmost satisfaction from their beverages.

From basking in the very essence of nature in Chivita 100 per cent fruit juice, to indulging in the pleasurable taste of Chi Exotic Nectar, enjoying the refreshing goodness of nature of Chi Ice Tea, experiencing delight in the fruity burst of natural refreshment in Happy Hour by Chivita and discovering an active, healthy, energetic lifestyle in Chivita Active, participants at this year’s edition of World Speech Day Lagos expressed satisfaction at the refreshing and delicious beverages from the range of Chivita Juices that brought a lot of excitement to the event.

With 35 speakers delivering persuasive speeches that addressed local and global challenges, whilst proffering innovative solutions, this year’s World Speech Day Lagos was about tapping into the truly original and inspirational and then making those voices heard.

Speaking at the event, Licensee of World Speech Day Lagos, Florence Atunwa Olumodimu, thanked the management of Chi Limited for partnering as the exclusive drinks partner to refresh participants at the World Speech day Lagos

“It is heartwarming to see company like Chi Limited which is driven by the power of innovation, identify with us and offer quality refreshment to participants at the World Speech Day Lagos event. Through this, Chi Limited inspires excellence by celebrating the simple power of a speech to encourage new ideas and change lives” she stated

According to Chi Limited’s Managing Director, Deepanjan Roy, by leveraging innovation and excellence, Chivita Juices have maintained market leadership in their respective categories and is proud to partner with the World Speech day Lagos as the exclusive beverage partner.

Driven by a passion and commitment to excellence, CHI Limited is one of the most admired companies in the domain of Food & Beverages in Nigeria. While it prides itself in offering products that are themselves benchmarks in their respective categories of juice, dairy based beverages and snacks, each CHI offering is admired for its highest quality, nutrition & health standards. Today, CHI Limited is the undisputed market leader in juices, fruit drinks, yogurts and value added dairy beverages in Nigeria. The company attained this status by consistently delivering innovative products that have become household names in Nigeria.

In the fruit juice category, mega brands like Chivita 100 per cent, Chivita Active, Chi Exotic, Happy Hour by Chivita, Chi Ice Tea and Capri-Sonne occupy leading positions in their respective segments. Chi Limited also takes great pride in its range of dairy products, such as Hollandia Yoghurt, Hollandia Evaporated Milk, Hollandia UHT Milk, Hollandia ChocoMalt to name a few and its range of snack foods like Chi Superbite Premium Beef Sausage Roll, Beefie Beef Roll, Beefie Meat Pie and Chi Classic Cake.