If tragedy were a source of strength as postulated by a Tibetan maxim, Enitan Dolapo Badru, a House of Representatives member representing the Lagos Island, would be the strongest man in the world. Or, what can be more tragic than losing a grown up son to the cold hands of death. His son, Abraham, was brutishly killed in the United Kingdom. Abraham was just 26 when death sneaked in, mowing him down in his prime.

Though he is no longer bleary-eyed or lachrymose, deep down his recesses, Badru is burning with rage and sorrow.

However, there is no man so bound to grief and the lattices of disaster that he would not relish the hope of rediscovering bliss and re-emerging stronger from his wounds. According to him, “A few years ago a girl was raped on the estate and Abraham fought them off. He went to court to testify against them and the police gave him an award.” In the hitherto enviable and exotic world of Badru, the sky is no longer a silvery and opalescent delight; it is now pitch black and brackish. And sadly, it would take almost forever for things to return to normalcy for him.

It was a devastating and distasteful death that has plunged the entire Badru clan into a pall of gloom. Everybody with the Badru suffix, friends, associates, and relatives of Dolapo particularly, has been unanimous in their grief. If Badru had one chance to make a wish, he would probably wish the death of Abraham was a mere nightmare.

The deceased was killed late in the evening of last Sunday, March 25. He was murdered close to his family home in Dalston, Hackney. The young Badru was reported to have died at his mother’s side who was in tears as she held on to him on the pavement. His death makes him the tenth person to be killed in a list of murders that have occurred in London over a 12-day period.