Tayo Mix I’m into Music to Do Things Differently


MY Story

Tayo Mix is one of Nigeria’s young Juju musician. In this chat with Tosin Clegg, he talks about the music genre his album, and career

Who is Tayo Mix?

My name is Temitayo Rafiu Fadoju and I was born in Ondo but I grew up in the UK. I’m a musician and I also do music engineering. I found my way into music to do things differently from the way it’s done all over the world. Nigerians are keen on hip hop music, and this drove my desire to bring back Juju to us all. 

Why Juju music?

Juju music is something that’s Nigerian and nowadays the music isn’t cared for anymore so I decided to do this as I didn’t want it to die. My music is called Juju spicy and I created this music to give a good vibe to everyone who listens to it.  

How do you juggle recording and performing juju music?

Juju music is not something you can write down as it is a spirit on its own and that’s why for most musicians you can’t do any other job with music. I just also recently released my album titled, Prelude. I have about four tracks on it and I featured Rev Mother Esther Abimbola Ajayi. 

How successful has your music been so far?

In the UK, I use my music to charge a lot of young people, as they love my music. When it comes to Nigerian music the people in the UK go crazy about it. As at last year April, my album launch was one of the biggest in the UK and I had Sunny Melody, Yinka Ekundayo and a lot more on board.