Odebunmi: How I Recovered from Stroke, Paralysis



Comfort Ogbonna in Abuja

Prof. Akinyele Odebunmi, a Psychotherapy lecturer at Baze University, who is also a Consultant to the United Nations on drug demand reduction and human behaviour, said his total recovering from a stroke he had while teaching at the university was only made possible by God and the routine exercise he subjected himself to at the rehabilitation centre in California, (U.SA).

The former University of Benin lecturer, made the disclosure at the launch of two books he wrote with titles: ‘Understanding Behavioural Problems’ and ‘Drug Abuse’, to mark his 75th birthday.

He averred that the books is a wake-up call to parents whose children are already involved in the abuse of drugs and alcohol and also addicted adults struggling with drug addiction.

On how he survived the attack of stroke, he said: “At the California hospital, the doctors wanted to put metals on my body because of the after effect of the stroke but I asked for exercise which was the alternative.

“It was obvious that stress took my blood pressure up. This happened while I was teaching at Baze University here some six months ago. I was teaching when I fell flat and was rushed to the hospital in California USA.

“I always tell people that the reason why I don’t take drugs is because I’m already hyper, taking it can result to death so I’m always scared from day one because I grew up as a very hyperactive child.”

According to him, God, regular exercise and good diet saved him from the attack of stroke, stressing, when few months back I had a stroke I was paralysed on my right hand and leg and six months after I began to learn how to walk.

“I thank God that He gave me everything back. I was even trying to learn to use the left hand to write since I couldn’t use the right hand to write but the left just decides not to work.

“And to add to that about two weeks ago, I was seated in front of a car as usual and was trying to correct a careless driver on the road when he brushed my hand with his car.

“For the last two weeks, I could not move this hand even to put food on my mouth and it was only two days ago that I started putting food in my mouth.”

On the books, he said: “I wrote these books because I have been in practice for a long time and have been working with drug addicts, and helping them and therefore I came to the conclusion that I need to let people be aware of the problems and ways of helping them which is contained in the books.

Odebunmi, who regretted that drug abuse is having monumental toll on Nigerian families irrespective of education and background, added that abuse of drug has economic and social implications for families.

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, who wrote the forward on the book, said the books are written for those who are interested in building their future on healthy life style with sound mind, it is therefore important to encourage the youths, cadets and future leaders to abstain from drug abuse including Marijuana.