High Society Excited as Dehinde Fernandez’ Grandson Marries Former Governor Donald Duke’s Daughter April


The faults that mar the commoner’s hard-earned marriage hardly afflicts the wedlock of the rich – the faults of impoverishment, faults of denial and other extreme inadequacies to be precise. This is because the rich seldom marry outside their class. Often times, a filthy rich kid marries into a super rich family.

Thus money mixes with money and fortune meshes with class. The former governor of Cross River, Donald Duke, is about to become an in-law of one of Nigeria’s preeminent billionaires, the late ambassador plenipotentiary, Dehinde Fernandez.

The Baron of Dudley and global businessman died September 2015. Fernandez’s death would however not take the shine off the proposed union between his grandson, Derin Phillips, popularly known in entertainment circles as DJ Caise, and Xerona, the svelte, music-loving daughter of Duke.

Derin’s mum is Teju Phillips nee Fernandez, a former commissioner in Lagos State. Derin is an Economics graduate of the University of Reading and has a master’s degree in Finance from the same institution.

Xerona, on the other hand, is the eldest daughter of the likeable former governor. A law graduate of the University of Nottingham, UK, Xerona is currently working on a music career with the full support of her father.

They are getting married on April 14 for traditional and April 21 for the white wedding. Since he left office in 2007, Duke, a respected politician, has been very visible in social circles. Thus, DJ Caise and Xerona’s impending wedding promises to be grand.