Leadway Insurance Boss Counsels Nigerians on Claims Payments


The Executive Director, Leadway Assurance Ltd, Adetola Adegbayi, has charged members of the insuring public to file claims on every insurance policy they bought from genuine insurance firms whenever risk occurs.

Adegbayi, expressed regret that members of the insuring public, ignorantly allow insurance firms to sweep their claims under the bed especially such low cost policy as Motor Third Party Insurance. She noted that this is because many road users are not aware that this policy has claims attached to it.

According to Adegbayi, the cause of this is because many road users obtain their policies from fake operators while others who bought from genuine operators paid premium much lower than the official rate as such when claim comes, they become reluctant to demand for claim and the insurance firm involved realising that it did not charge appropriate premium, prefers to ignore the claims on account of ignorance on the side of the insured that he should demand for claims.

She called on road users to always demand for claims on such policy and to take up cases with any insurance firm that decides to repudiate such claims.

Adegbayi also urged the insuring public to trust insurers adding that insurance firms are in the. business to pay claims and many are regularly paying claims, even as she urged the law enforcement agents to help people in getting their claims paid appealing to them not to allow such people perish ignorantly.

The insuring public, she further noted, can wind down the operations of insurance company which refuses to pay genuine claims adding that this way, they can compel insurers to be alive to their responsibilities.

She advised the public to make use of complaint bureau set up by the industry regulator as well as to employ the services of legal practitioners to get their entitlements from deviant insurance firms.