United Capital Trustees Support Butcher’s Daughter


Aminat Adeniyi is a 12-year-old female who has for the last nine years been struggling with a left chest wall mass highly suggestive of Liposarcoma. She has been advised to seek further medical attention outside of the country.

Following this diagnosis, her father, Mr. Adeniyi who is a humble butcher and who plies his trade in and around the Oko Oba area of Lagos has been struggling with the huge financial baggage that comes with this kind of situation and with three other children in the family, he has cried out for assistance.

Pretty Aminat who wants to be a Medical Doctor has stopped going to school in the last four years because of the debilitating symptoms that comes with this illness.

It is at this point that Mr. Adeniyi came in contact with Katunga Media a frontline media marketing firm which was coincidentally just setting up a structure to handle such cases- Katunga Humanity. Under this platform an initial N599, 000 was raised to carry out a much more comprehensive medical investigation on Amina amongst other urgent and allied matters.

The results have shown that Amina has suffered severe deformation in the chest cavity owing to the enlargement which has been reported by her medical team to be likely cancerous. It is in this regard that a N15m fund raiser has been launched and championed by Katunga – Humanity with the specific aim of evacuating her to the Grant Medical Foundation – Ruby Hall Clinic in India for emergency treatment.

United Capital Trustees Limited has accepted to act as Trustee to the funds ensuring a transparent and orderly fund raising exercise. Their role also includes the direct disbursement to the hospitals and other duly recognised agents directly linked to the restitution of little Aminat. They have also gone ahead to provide extensive support financially. Aminat Adeniyi will not die and as such all hands are on deck to support this initiative by reaching out to Corporate Nigeria in raising this amount for her immediate evacuation.