It is often said that he who rides the tides of industry influences the thought of his times. Eventually, he commands the epochs that follow and impresses his name on eternity.

Such an individual no doubt sways the applause of listening Senates. If he is cut of the rare stock that Ayiri hails from, he effortlessly attracts the patronage of leaders of men.

Thus it was hardly surprising that Ayiri earned the good graces of American company, Petrogress. Already active in Ghana and Libya, the Delaware-based oil products trader Petrogress has teamed up with a well-connected businessman in Nigeria to conquer the giant West African market. Petrogress, headed by Christos Talos, and Nigerian firm A &E Petroleum have created joint venture P&A Nigeria Oil Co with the aim to buy and sell products from oil extracted in the country.

A&E, which holds storage units (totaling 90,000 tonnes) in the Niger Delta and also has a logistics and construction arm, is led by Nigerian billionaire, Ayiri Emami. The entrepreneur, who hails from the oil town of Warri in Delta State and is from the Itsekiri community, was awarded several import product distribution licenses by Pipelines and Products Marketing Co. A&E was also mandated to work on the Escravos GTL terminal, jointly owned by American firm Chevron, South Africa’s Sasol and the NNPC. Owner of a luxury hotel in Escravos, Emami is a key political player in his homeland. He was named Ologbotsere (prime minister) of the Warri traditional in late 2017.
While he is striking gold, his house and property in Warri are under assailment.
Watch out for details next week.