‘Lagos Can Generate N7bn Annually from Waste Bin Branding’


An environmental support services firm, Breval Tulip has disclosed that Lagos State Government can possibly earn over N7 billion annually from its proposal to the state on commercial waste bin branding.
The Executive Director, Corporate Services, Breval Tulip, Mrs. Busayo Binuyo revealed this during a recent presentation to the management of the Lagos State Advertising Agency (LASAA) on the untapped benefits of waste bin branding.

Speaking at the meeting, Binuyo said her company was specifically focused on commercial and industrial waste bin distribution and branding, and was hoping to help the state increase its internally generated revenue (IGR) through branding of the waste bins.

She said, “We, as an environmental support service company, are focused primarily on industrial and commercial waste bin distribution and branding. This aspect of waste management in Lagos state is currently open to commercial operators and we are hoping to take advantage of this to contribute our quota to the vision for a cleaner environment in the state.

“Currently we have over a million waste bins and dumpsters which we are ready deploy exclusively to commercial and industrial areas. What we are offering specifically is a combination of hi-tech receptacles and revenue through branding.

“Our waste bin containers are uniquely equipped with trackers to pinpoint their location and signal the appropriate waste disposal agency when they are full. Our bin bags come in different colours to enable users sort their waste into the appropriate bag. We believe that this will further help the state waste recycling programmes since the waste collected would have been sorted out by the users through our colour bags”, she stated.

Binuyo, who noted that the business of cleaning Lagos is a collective responsibility of all stakeholders, hinted that Breval Tulip was at an advanced stage of perfecting plans with some commercial waste operators to also deploy dumpsters to markets.

She also stated that her company has put up an alternative plan to pick up waste in their branded bins in situations where the appropriate waste management agency delays in picking up the accumulated waste.
On the uniqueness of Breval Tulip waste branding model, she said: “What we have, added to these spectacular waste bin prototypes, is a branding opportunity. We are offering brand owners an unusual opportunity to reach their target audience by advertising their brands on our waste bins. We believe that this is an idea that will benefit users, brand owners and the state.

“For the waste bin user, this proposal means that they will simply get the waste bins and bags free of charge as advert payments would have covered the cost of the bins. For the brand owners, this definitely presents a rare opportunity to reach their target audience who use the waste bins every day. For the state, we see another huge opportunity for Lagos State for further shore up its revenue through payment for the adverts on the waste bins.

“When our one million waste bins and dumpsters are fully deployed, we estimate that the state will make over N7 billion in advert revenue from waste bin branding alone”, she added.
Binuyo added that her company is also in talks with other stakeholders in the state waste management project to ensure that the idea is not sabotaged.