Apostle Suleman’s Mission to Deter Libya-bound Young Nigerians


Most of the critics of the modern day pastors have premised their concerns on the observations that these faith leaders tend to focus more on self than others.

The expectation has been that the faith leaders should use their influence to talk truth to the people in power and deploy their resources to alleviate the conditions of the needy.

It is therefore noteworthy that such desire and concern by the people is gradually engendering outcome from the target circle.

Obviously, the intervention of Apostle Johnson Suleman, President of the Omega Fire Ministries (OFM), is crucial in the yearnings of the public on the roles of religious leaders in development.

After meeting and counseling 14 young Nigerians who were part of the many trapped in Libya on their dangerous sea-journey to Europe and subjected to the worst of human conditions in Libya before being rescued by the Nigerian government, the famous pastor donated N4 million to help reshape the lives of the returnees.

And that’s not all. The fiery clergyman, sources say, is committing considerable amounts of money into an innovative tool that will serve to deepen awareness of the dangers of emigration through Libya and other treacherous routes among young Nigerians.

Suleman, whose church is headquartered in Edo State, a state with many victims of trafficking and dodgy emigration scheme, affirmed that his support plan will deter many young people from taking purposeless and risky journeys; and will continue to challenge the government to build a nation where Nigerians can realise their dreams.