Daniel Kanu Plans Another Two million-man March

Onyebuchi Ezigbo in Abuja

The promoter of the Youth Earnestly Ask for Abacha (YEAA), Daniel Kanu, yesterday said he was again embarking on another venture with his New Deal Organisation, to organise a two-million-man-march in support for a new vision for the country christened “Vision 2030”.

Kanu who came into political limelight with the march to support the late former Head State, General Sani Abacha, said the current economic and societal woes facing the country can be traceable to the non-implementation of well-envisioned development agenda, Vision 2010 put together under the regime of late Abacha.

Addressing a press conference in Abuja, Kanu regretted the setting aside of the Vision 2010 development roadmap which was a by-product of the 1996 National Constitutional Conference.

He said that one of biggest mistake made by successive administration in the country was their decision to abandon the report of the conference after the death of former military dictator, Abacha, adding that such a mover has set Nigeria back by several years.

“Cast your minds back to the 1990s when the youth of this country gathered together and felt that if the then Vision 2010 was implemented that the country would be better for it.

“We felt that the man (Abacha) that had the vision be allowed to transmute into a civilian president because we feared that if there was a change of regime at that time, the vision could be truncated. The contents of the Vision 2010 still remain valid till today,” he said.

Explaining the resolve of the group to review the Visions 2010 as well as 20:2020 and bring them in conformity with current realities, Kanu said the group would during the two million man march next month launch the Vision 2030.
“I have spoken to a lot of kids and teenagers who were not aware of what happened in 1998. They think that it is normal for the dollar to be N360. It is not normal. They do not know that it was once N22. We need to take Nigeria back to that period,” he added.

Kanu blamed the policy somersault which led to the termination of the Vision 2010, and vision 2020 on ineptitude, corruption, policy somersault and nepotism, Nigeria has plunged into crises after crises and the people are unhappy.

“The lack of a clear and concise vision, and hopelessness caused by neglect of disillusioned youths, have resulted in high poverty level, high inflation, high unemployment, kidnapping, elevated crime rates, militancy in the South-south, terrorism in the North-east, and secession agitation in the South-east and South-south.

“Based on the current trend of events, our prospects as a people and nation are grim with no hope in sight. With over 1,500 per cent increase in the prices of most basic goods and services since 1998, and crude oil becoming unreliable, our prediction is that 20 years from now, prices will be 5,000 per cent higher than today with elevated poverty, higher crime rate and disenchantment,” he lamented.

On the clamour for the youths to take over the leadership of the country in 2019, Kanu said it was not just about age but about ideas and modern ways of doing things.

He said the country don’t have to entirely discard the elderly ones because of their wisdom but that the youth should be prepared to lead the way.

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