There is something electrifying about Capt. Idahosa Okunbo as he clock 60 next Sunday. He exudes the lustre of the proverbial leading light thus distinguishing his persona amid a range of middling men.

Okunbo radiates compassion, ardor and acclaim that no life’s odd could tame. Having hacked his path to affluence in honest, industrious strides, he spread outs like a bastion of human aspiration even as his exploits become objects of the world affection. Everywhere he navigates, he exudes a spirit of humaneness and generosity that even the world’s finest and most daring philanthropists live in awe of.

Like a strapping rampart in life’s sea of odds, Okunbo’s resilience stretches for miles. And you did still hang on his every thrust and aspire to the random lunges of the billionaire magnate for all its worth. As a businessman, Okunbo has the same fundamental psychology as the artist, inventor, or statesman. He has set himself at a certain work and the work absorbs and becomes him. It is the expression of his personality; he lives in its growth and perfection according to his plans. There is no gainsaying that the amiable Chairman of Ocean Marine Solutions represents a force of nature on the African continent, a towering force of hope and entrepreneurial depth. Capt.

Okunbo is a patriot whose commitment to national and economic stability are beyond doubt. By grit, persistence and hard work, he built a great empire that employs thousands of Nigerians and Africans in highly profitable and futuristic endeavour. He gives generously to medical research, the arts, education, think tanks and science without courting the media’s attention. He cares deeply about the values that make success in Nigeria and the African continent possible — free markets, freedom, limited censure and healthy competition.

He is currently one of the very few economic giants and magnates enjoying the respect of the Nigerian government due to his infectious modesty and enviable business culture in the oil and gas sector. There is no gainsaying that he has conquered the air as a pilot; the sea as an oil and gas player with over 60 vessels; and now, land as he recently unveiled an agricultural project worth a staggering $750 million with an initial $300 million take-off capital. The farm, located at Odighi and Odiguetue in Ovia North-East Local Government Area of his native Edo state, has already taken off with an $11 million 20-hectare Green House vegetable farm, which products would be exported overseas. He would be 60 on January 7. Expectedly, friends, family and business associates can not wait to celebrate this well-connected Edo High Chief.