DFID Blames Northern Leaders for Region’s Educational Backwardness


By Mohammed Aminu in Gusau

Reading and Numeracy Activity (RANA), a Department for International Development (DFID) project, Wednesday blamed northern leaders for their lack of commitment to the development of primary education in the region.

RANA’s Project Coordinator, Dr. Mikhail Ibrahim, made this known at a reading festival organised for primary school pupils on reading and numeracy activities in Gusau, Zamfara State.

He noted that due to the lack of commitment of northern leaders and support for basic education, the region has remained backward in education and this poses challenges for its development.

The project coordinator said it was in view of the need to redress the ugly trend that RANA initiated a three-year programme for using the mother tongue as the language of instruction in Primary 1-3 in Zamfara and Katsina States.

According to Ibrahim, the project is designed for public primary schools with the goal of improving literacy and numeracy outcomes for learners, especially girls by developing Hausa language teaching and learning materials, build teacher capacity, mobilise communities as well as engage local government councils.

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  • BankyMons

    Ha – that’s first coming from the usual suspects. Who knows what could have happened to their ‘special’ relationship?

  • James Edward

    Na lie, na GEJ cause their backwardness. Janjaweed people. You aint see nothing yet. Boko haram has come to stay. And with buhari’s poverty deepening policies, you will have more illiterate almajaris and a huge pool of boko haram recruits. Soon oil will sell at 15 to 20 dollars and can’t support the free allocation to your region. And then one day the people will rise up against the ruling class. Sorry their religion forbids that. So the backwardness continues.

  • Ak

    a land of 11 million cattle herdsmen as dem no gree go school.. ba turenchi

  • Jon West

    The Brirish are quite comfortable with this scenario, a Nigeria perennially led by the barely literate from the same backward region. They will never accept a Nigeria that can make progress and move away from the dependency and products dumping ground mentality that benefits British business.

    The beneficiaries of the legacy of Ahmadu Bello ,who enunciate the Gamji agenda, supposedly in his memory, are today presiding over the backwardness of their people, a Karmic situation that harks back to their perennial violence against other Nigerians, especially the Igbo, who unlike them, want progress and competition with the rest of the world.
    We are doomed to perdition , if we do not do something about these Sahelian raghead vermin denizens from the blighted and devastated North of the Lugardian Zoo. To hell with Nigeria!!!

    • Tony Ezeifedi

      John West, my bros, you are perfectly right. Dr Azikiwe and Chief Awolowo told their people to go to school. Ahmadu Bello told his people to join the army because he thought that through the army, they grab power. The North is always obsessed with wielding political power to the detriment of human development. In the short run, Ahmadu Bello’s plan worked but in the long run, it was a human development disaster. That is why, today, we have 11 million school-age children out of school in the North and hundreds of thousands of Almajiris roaming the streets of the North.

  • jellybelly

    Mother tongue ?
    They want Arabic, if someone else is footing the bills, Your Majesty.