Air France-KLM Rewards Employees, Partners in Nigeria


Solomon Elusoji

The end-of-the-year award night party, held in Lagos, started late, but it did not lack the sweetness of date; couples streamed in wearing smiles and holding hands; there was music, food and lots to drink but the highlight, of course, was the award ceremony which had brought together the delicate, nostalgic group which had participated in Air France-KLM 2017 success story in Nigeria, despite the economic difficulties.

The idea for the award night was conceived by a Station Duty Manager at Air France-KLM, Damilola Ogunseye.

“I got inspired to bring all the team working with us together, including NAHCO, CheckPort, and some other agencies we work with, since we all carry out our duties at different points and you might not be able to see who exactly is doing what,” he said. “But when we come under one roof, outside the office environment, then we can relate and dance and chat with one another; so this is about team building, and it is why the management of Air France-KLM is giving their absolute support for this program.”

The award night, which is in its third edition, was attended by several top Air France-KLM executives including the Financial Manager Africa and Middle East, KLM, Ton Crince and the Senior Manager, Special Projects, Marijke Schep.

“The award means very much to me, but not just to me, but also for the team,” Schep, who received her award for her “support and exceptional performance” said. “We have had worked hard and done big things together. Up till today they are still working hard and putting down their feet in a hard environment; I’m very proud for them.”

Ogunseye was happy with the outcome of the award night and was optimistic about its future. “Now, everybody is looking forward to something,” he said. “It was not the case before. Now, everyone is motivated. And you will see how genuinely happy people are, even when they don’t get an award, because they know those who got the award deserve it. We also try to open up a channel for people to express their innate abilities and to ensure they contribute positively to their work.
“Also, we have the presence of top management here; so that shows there is something positive they are seeing that can also help the team grow in the future.”

The award winners were graded on their “performance, as it relates to punctuality, speed of response to issues, problem solving; all these are parameters used to determine the winners,” Ogunseye said.

An Assistant Secretary to the Station Manager, Olubukola Oyinloye, who also received an award said she was very happy. “It means achievement and I appreciate God,” she said. “The award is a motivation for a job well done. It is helping people to be more committed and faithful to their job.”

Chairman of MEI Group of Companies, Michael C. Eyinnaya, who has worked with Air France-KLM for more than a decade, lauded the idea of the award. “Where people work and they are being encouraged by awarding them is a great incentive,” he said. “It makes them to be committed. This is the third time I’m attending since inception. For me it has created a platform to encourage workers. It makes people to feel honoured and recognised. It creates more opportunity for other workers to put in effort.

He also wished the airline the very best. “They have contributed immensely toward the development of our economy,” he said.