Please, Don’t Take the Terror Alert Lightly



Governments of the United Kingdom and the United States recently alerted of a likely terror attack in the yuletide period, especially in Abuja, the nation’s capital and offered advice to their citizens on how best to stay safe during the period. This is also because a majority of their people live here, thus, the need to act responsibly in the interest of those in the diaspora was sacrosanct.

But in its reaction, the Nigerian government dismissed the advice and said it had in place, sufficient security measures that would thwart any terrorist plans in the country during the period. Government through its ministry of information said it was perfectly in control and the people should fear not. But the police had also come out to affirm that there was threat indeed. So, who is right or wrong?

The truth is that it is actually within the right of government to act responsibly and provide leadership at such a time and in such a situation. But government must sincerely take this advice on threat alert seriously and ensure that intelligence with respect to this is not just dismissed, especially that the police already concur. In addition to the measures taken to ensure safety of lives and property, government must educate the people on how to keep themselves safe at a time like this. The protection of the people and their properties must remain sacrosanct.