Being the second wife of a former Vice President of Nigeria especially a well-heeled one with enviable political pedigree like Atiku Abubakar has multiple spin-offs. Jennifer, the Turaki of Adamawa’s second wife, knows this. And despite being an American citizen, Jennifer has a special place in the social fixture of Nigeria that seems unrivalled.

Blessed with a finesse that seems uncommon on this side of the divide, and a bottomless purse that put her in confrontation with the American government sometime back, Jennifer was a serious contender for Titi, Atiku’s second wife for the slot of first lady. That was then. But instead of bothering herself with such inanities and vainglorious pursuit, the fair-skinned woman concentrated on ensuring that her husband had a strong financial footing in the United States.

Though her whirlwind emergence on the social scene was heralded by controversies, Jennifer could hardly be caught napping in the fashion department. Her lithe figure and shimmering skin added verve to her every ensemble. But for sometime now, not much is being heard about her. Jennifer is conspicuously missing and we can’t help but wonder what has happened to the apple of Atiku’s eyes, now that Atiku is ready to contest in the presidential election. Is she still smarting from the many scandals that have rocked her world in the past?