‘MOT’ Watchful for Male Teachers


Teacher’s Diary

As it is customary, male teachers like all men know how important it is be healthy. Nevertheless being typically men unlike their female counterparts, they ignore this aspect of life. Men generally seem to habour an infinite concept of strength, which is an enduring relic from the Stone Age. Men silently believe that their strength is never going to diminish. In their hay-days, men believe that they may have а few bad days, but will never really get weak, or suffer the problems women do. Unfortunately, it’s never as straightforward as that. The hectic lifestyles that a lot of Nigerian male teachers lead, pulling in resources here and there, take а toll on their bodies as well as on their minds. Consequently is to give priority to all that all that constitutes their individual wellbeing.

In addition to a regular nutritious diet and fitness routine that includes exercises. There are some more lifestyle tips that male teachers could look into which include the following:

Eating nutritionally balanced meals

What you eat now would determine the state of your health in years to come. If many people knew this early enough, they would have been enjoying a healthier old age. A healthy meal should consist of plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, milk (whole or skimmed), lean and white meat like poultry and fish, red meat in small portions and so on. Make sure that your food is low-fat, contains very little trans-fat and cholesterol, and wherever possible avoid pre-packed and processed refined foods.

Maintaining regular exercise

Good fitness tips include exercising regularly up to four times in а week for an hour to help improve your overall health condition. A good fitness regime would prevent the likelihood of back injury, and in the longer run the longer run, lower the risk of osteoporosis. Cardiovascular exercises combined with aerobics exercises would improve blood circulation, and prevent heart disease. Simple activities like vacuum-cleaning, walking, jogging, sprinting, swimming, bicycling, etc. can all help to improve muscle strength and tone your body.

Maintaining an ideal body Weight

A good body weight not only makes you look good, it helps to optimize your health. Maintaining а good weight would ensure that: your blood pressure and cholesterol stay in check; your blood sugar does not escalate; your risk of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and obesity (unless genetically prevalent) are lowered. A good weight is not too difficult to achieve, if you’re determined to do so. A healthy diet and exercise garnished with dedication will do the job. Looking good and being complemented for it would definitely make you feel good and boost your morale and self-esteem as you tackle your daily engagements.

Limit alcohol intake and smoking

It would actually be best to avoid both of these potentially harmful elements. However, if you do take them, do so in moderation. Smoking increases your risk of Lung cancer while drinking on the other hand could spill out of control and turn you into an alcohol dependent person. Without doubts, addiction to alcohol ruins an individual’s health, their professional competence, their relationships and their personal life. Essentially, excessive intake of alcohol and smoking both have an adverse effect on the overall health of any individual.

Having regular check-ups

Going for regular check-up is like taking your car for the mandatory MOT of car-service. It is not just а ‘woman and child thing. Men need to have regular health check-ups considering the fact that most diseases come to all without pre-announcements. Regular screening tests for obesity, blood pressure and sugar, cholesterol, diabetes, sexually transmitted diseases, and prostate cancer are essential.

For men over the age of 40, cancer popularly develops in the male reproductive gland -Prostate- due to a number of reasons. An active sexual life too is imperative for good health. Managing your stress levels with the help of your family and friends has proven to be an effective tool to keep depression at bay. A happy life with ways to de-stress yourself combined with the above tips would definitely help you lead а healthier life.

Omoru writes from the UK