Giving Phone Numbers to Strange Persons May Lead to Your Kidnap, DSS Warns


David-Chyddy Eleke in Awka

The Department for State Security Service (DSS) has warned that giving out phone contacts and other vital personal information to unknown persons could lead to kidnap or other forms of theft.

The Deputy Director of the DSS in-charge of security in Anambra State, Mr. Yekini Ishola, who spoke during a paper presentation in the security department of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, entitled: ‘Developing Technological Strategy Towards Crime Reduction In Tertiary Institution,’ said many had fallen victim as a result of this.

He said disclosing telephone numbers, bank verification numbers, ATM card numbers and others could be injurious to people’s security.

He identified investigation and intelligence gathering as ways perpetrators of cyber crimes could be nailed, while cautioning the public to desist from disclosing sensitive personal information .

He attributed the increase of cyber crimes in the country to dearth of cyber security experts and other technological means for tackling the menace.

He listed Lagos, Ogun and Oyo States as where internet fraud activities were more prevalent in the South-west region of the country, while identifying a certain tertiary institution(name withheld) in the region as an area of highest concentration of cyber criminals in the country.

He said: “Cyber crimes are not committed by an individual, but a network of criminal activities perpetrated by syndicates using theft, hacking, stalking, malicious software and other dubious means to gain access into personal information and account details.

“As a result of dearth of hitech cyber security apparatus in the country, it could be rather difficult to fight cyber crimes to a standstill.

“Collective responsibility is therefore required to track cyber fraudsters and their cronies. Investigation and intelligence gathering are ways perpetrators of cyber crimes can be nailed.”