The Spark That Wins Acclaim… Dejare Adegbenro Becomes Otunba Laje


Adejare Adegbenro would be installed the first Otunba Laje of Owu,Ogun State, by  Oba Adegboyega Dosunmu Amororo II,  the traditional ruler of Owu kingdom. The event is coming up on the 20th January 2018. It’s going to be a classy event. Adejare is every inch of noble birth. His is a classic Nigerian success story of reinvention and achievement—of becoming the man you wanted to be under the heavy weight of glorious ancestry and matchless roots.

His candid cadences, touched with just the faintest whiff of reticence, amplifies his graceful modesty and ability to navigate the tricky tropes of acclaim and human politics. Adejare  makes a good first impression. Notwithstanding his manifest depth, he presents with zero haughtiness; he is at heart, very private and unpretentiously modest. His towering humility excites cozy presumptions about his attitude. Within the charmed, glittery arena of Lagos high society, Adegbenro inhabits a tranquil spot, and that happens to be his greatest shield from the spotlight; at least that is his thought.

The dark-hued dude affects neither conceit nor a latent inclination to exploit his roots – he comes from a lineage of two prominent political traditions; his father is Chief Niyi Adegbenro and he is the grandson of late Pa Alfred Rilwane, the hero-politician whose blood nurtured the oaks of freedom in contemporary Nigeria’s shadowy history. It would be recalled that Pa Alfred Rewane was a strident voice in the fight against military rule and prominent chieftain of the National Democratic Coalition (NADECO). Adejare’s patriarchal grandfather was the late former Premier of Western Region, Alhaji Dauda Adegbenro, who also played a very prominent role in the evolution of post-independence Nigeria.

But rather than sit on the soft cushion of his roots or attempt riding to eminence on the wings of his forbears’ achievements, Adegbenro chooses to chart his own path to glory and historical acclaim. To this end, he engages in daring and very ambitious pursuits in business. He started out working for John Holt and from there he moved over to Motorfone, and thereafter started his own company, ‘First Planet’ which engages in large scale telecoms transactions. Subsequently, Adegbenro established another company called Balmoral International Ltd with expansive stakes in international trade and with greater focus on importation of goods for trade.