Afriluxe Makes Debut


Afriluxe, an online platform dedicated to offer and deliver a variety of original beauty products, among others, has made a debut in Lagos. The portal is designed to enable consumers to have direct access to original products, from the world’s leading beauty and luxury brands, and have them delivered to their doorstep within eight working days for Lagos and 12 working days for other locations in Nigeria.

Managing Director of Afriluxe, Mr. Jack Akosa, said, Afriluxe offers customers over 17,000 original beauty products.

“It is not an official perfumes distributor but an independent seller who assures and certifies the originality of all its products. Our platform ensures that original beauty products are made available at competitive prices to our consumers,” he added.

Also speaking, Head, Communication, Mr. Arigidi Peter, noted that “direct communication with our customers is essential and necessary for our success.”

“Our platform is designed to seamlessly establish an interface between time-tested beauty products and end consumers. We intend to give our customers the best information and ensure that original products are delivered to them when payment is confirmed. We are in partnership with credible courier service agents to ensure that all products purchased are delivered promptly,” he said.

He added, “Our portal, each brand is presented with a brief history explanation for the customers to be informed about the product’s origin and what its represents. There is a section where our visitors can post their opinions about the offered products and exchange experiences and suggestions about usage with the only purpose of adding more information for the current and future customers.”