World TV Day: LG Promises Better Products


The advent of Television has survived many barriers that would ordinarily have reduced the glamour and exciting characters of the 21st-century digital innovations.

With the emergence of what Marshall McLuhan described as the cool medium, the eras of panorama, stereoscope, magic lantern and peepshow soon became forgotten while the old habit of sourcing entertainment from either staring at quintuplets, attending public dissection of corpses, taking pictures of self, watching people inflate balloons and riding escalators, all lost their flavour and pride to an interrupting technology.

The 20th century’s defining technology thus came to redefine human existence while breaking the monopoly of radio and newspapers as major sources of information, education and mostly entertainment.
Combining audio, visual and aesthetic appeal, the idiot box, since invention in 1884 up till now has been responding to technological trends and innovation, thus, transforming its definition and improving consumers’ viewing experience.

From the beginning, TV has witnessed rapid and massive progress starting with mechanical TV to black and white set, colour broadcast, LCD/LED flat screen, high definition (HD) 4k Ultra HD, pencil-thin OLED and high dynamic range (HDR). The technology has also integrated internet connectivity as well as the interactivity of newer technologies, to secure its crown.

According to experts, the rapid advancement that television technology has seen since inception is indicative of an increased desire for engagement, particularly immersive viewing experiences.
No doubt, the capabilities of TVs have grown tremendously with much better picture quality than ever before. The output of the innovation has grown by leaps and bounds as a result of the dogged efforts of manufacturers who have continued to move along with trends to deliver the right products to the ever-evolving audience.

It is in recognition of this feat and its legendary roles in the society that the United Nations set aside November 21 as the World Television Day to appreciate the increasing impact of the tool which represents communication and globalisation in the contemporary world.
According to the United Nations, the day was a time to rewatch and relive some of the greatest moments of TV that helped bring the reality of a rapidly technologically advancing world into people’s homes while transforming their lives and how they perceive the world.

In celebrating the 2017 World Television Day, multinational technology firm, LG Electronics, has promised to boost its offerings to further enhance the delivery of the tool for the benefit of the world.
Speaking on the day, Managing Director of LG Electronics, West Africa operations, Mr. Taeick Son pointed out that the revolution in the TV industry could not be sung without acknowledging the company’s giant strides over the years especially in the area of designs.

“Just as cathode ray tubes represented the turning point in television design, the unrivalled picture quality of OLED represents a similar turning point for TV innovation. OLED may prove to be the spark which causes TV technology to explode at an ever-increasing rate.

“LG OLED TV thus remains one of the best things to have ever happened to the electronics market the world over; cutting-edge technology is second to none. Its breathtaking features have helped in creating a newer consumers’ experience with crystal clearer picture quality. OLED TV technology has simply set a standard of its own with a rendition of absolute blacks. As part of the new innovation, it is now designed to be brighter and more colourful to meet the UHD alliance requirement for its ‘UHD Premium’ Certification.’

Continuing, he said, “The stylish ultra-slim design of OLED TVs still offers consumers appreciable benefits where space is less of an issue. Its latest offerings have almost eliminated bezels, allowing TV to blind seamlessly with interior décor. The elegant designs also permit users to experience the maximum benefit of its widened immersive viewing angles such that consumers now have the liberty to set viewing areas to suite them regardless of the size and shape of the living room.

“LG also provides an extensive collection of 2017 4K UHD TVs designed to work seamlessly with streaming video providers. This is equipped with the intuitive webOS3.5 platform. The 2017 Netflix-recommended TVs deliver the best possible HDR picture. In addition the LG Netflix recommended TVs enable for ultimate streaming experience.”
Son explained further that the company has not relented in its research effort to be able to understand consumers’ ‘now and future’ demands.

This according to him is highly responsible for the company’s enviable status in the market. He thus reaffirmed LG’s commitment to constantly reinvent in such a way that will boost its delivery and improve consumers’ viewing experience.