Tinubu Again!

THIS REPUBLIC By Shaka Momodu, Email: shaka.momodu@thisdaylive.com. SMS: 0811 266 1654

Thursday last week, former Lagos State governor and the self-proclaimed national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Ahmed Tinubu, claimed that former President Goodluck Jonathan won a gold medal in corruption. Tinubu made the remark at the Banquet Hall of the State House while delivering the keynote address at the launch of a book titled, ‘Making Steady Sustainable Progress for Nigeria’s Peace and Prosperity,’ a mid-term scorecard of this administration, authored by the trio of Femi Adesina, Garba Shehu and Laolu Akande, the media aides in the presidency. I wonder what had been listed in the book as President Muhammadu Buhari’s achievements.

According to Tinubu, corruption was so rampant during the last administration that the nation’s institutions were not only inflicted with the menace but corruption became an institution. He stated further that the former government turned the national treasury into a charity box while corruption grew fat and developed wings, citing how a former minister and those he described as “her rogues gallery” looted the national treasury with impunity.

I don’t know whether Tinubu was under the influence when he delivered his address. Because I have heard that once you step into the precincts of the State House, certain invisible forces interfere with your normality. But I presume he was not. Maybe he had been away for too long and was not fully abreast of developments back home. It is also quite possible someone wrote that speech for him and he didn’t go through it until he delivered it.

Or perhaps he was playing true to form – a fitting character portrait of the master of subterfuge, propaganda and alternative facts. Permit me to also presume he was merely playing to the gallery and didn’t mean what was attributed to him in media reports. Otherwise I can see fire on the horizon. I can see a day of reckoning. I pray that someday, his gold-medal statement does not prove to be an act of political self-immolation. It was surreal reading such blistering remarks from Tinubu. My first reaction was to say c’mon!

There is a saying in the land of my fathers that if you point one of your fingers at a person in an accusatory manner, the remaining four fingers point directly back at you. I think there is a spiritual and physical reason why this is so. Jesus Christ more forcefully demonstrated the hypocrisy of man when he challenged the Scribes and Pharisees with the following: “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” That simple but powerful statement saved a woman from certain death in the hands of some holier-than-thou custodians of societal values who had accused her of committing adultery.

First, the architect of change should have realised by now that the change he helped to berth in 2015 is nothing but a massive fraud. In just two and a half years of the APC in power, we have seen Nigeria in decay and decline on all fronts. Instead of being honest about the perilous fate of Nigeria under the APC-led government, Tinubu is in denial, finger-pointing to deflect attention and responsibility in the midst of the colossal damage done to the economy and sense of national unity by this government. Jonathan has become the stale and sour pear that carries the can for all others, and Buhari is the hero building a New Nigeria – an alternate universe and reality, where everything is working or seems to be working. Honestly, reading Tinubu’s diatribe almost made me throw a punch in the air.

Let me limit myself to corruption since it was the main focus of his reported diatribe as I address his follies with facts. Tinubu has probably never heard that Abdulrasheed Maina, former Chairman of the Presidential Pension Reform Task Team, was secretly brought back to the Civil Service, given double promotion and paid N22 million salary arrears. In case you have forgotten, Maina was declared wanted for alleged N2 billion fraud of pension funds during the Goodluck Jonathan presidency. We have since learnt of more frightening details, that contrary to the president’s directive for the immediate termination of Maina’s reinstatement and ordering of a probe when the scandal broke, he was well in the know of the entire plot and was even warned by Mrs. Winifred Oyo-Ita, the Head of Service, of the implications of the reinstatement on the overall anti-corruption war that has turned out to be a vengeful, one-sided political war on both his real and perceived enemies.

And it came to light recently that the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami travelled to Dubai and held a secret meeting with fugitive Maina, without telling the EFCC which declared him wanted. How does that sound to Tinubu?

Tinubu was obviously totally unaware of Babachir Lawal, the grass-cutting former SGF, who embezzled money meant for the victims of Boko Haram’s atrocities languishing in internally displaced people’s camps. Tinubu was also not aware or pretended not to know of the Minister of State for Petroleum, Dr Ibe Kachukwu’s damning letter to the president chronicling all the breaches and the lack of transparency in the state oil company, the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

The story was told in hush whispering tones for sometime until Kachikwu’s letter exploded Buhari’s much-hyped myth of integrity to smithereens. The allegation of ongoing humongous sleaze in all departments of government, especially at the NNPC, has been corroborated by Kachikwu’s letter. The minister listed major contracts awarded by the Group Managing Director of the NNPC, Maikanti Baru, without the input of the NNPC board to include $10 billion crude term contracts; $5 billion direct sales direct purchase (DSDP) contracts; $3 billion AKK pipeline contract; financing allocation funding contracts worth $3 billion; and NPDC production service contracts valued at $3-$4 billion.

Now the joke is all on those who believed that Buhari represented change and would build the country of our dreams. The joke is on all those who alongside Tinubu, Professor Wole Soyinka, Professor Pat Utomi, Professor Charles Soludo, Professor Tam David West, etc. deluded themselves that Buhari had changed and therefore was the best person to move Nigeria forward. Collectively, they put a knife on the fragile things that hold us together and Nigeria is falling apart. It was the greed for power by Tinubu that has put Nigeria in this mess. Some of us who warned that Buhari had nothing to offer Nigeria other than division and bigotry were shouted down as sponsored by the state. All the danger signs including his record of ethno/religious bigotry were branded as “contrived handicaps” to make him look bad. Today, we all know better what was contrived and what was not.

A government that sold itself on anti-corruption, strict adherence to due process and transparency has been caught red-handed in a whopping $25 billion contract mess that breached all laid down legal and due processes. Shame on Buhari’s supporters who had pretended very well in the past two years that Buhari was cleaning the mess left behind by the last government. The holier-than-thou posture of this government has been shattered beyond redemption. The fact that Buhari got Kachikwu’s letter and sat on it for one whole month and did nothing about it is the clearest evidence yet that we cannot continue to exonerate him of plausible culpability of the monumental illegal award of contracts by the GMD of NNPC, Maikati Baru.

Look, nobody is talking about N25 billion. We are talking about a jaw-dropping $25 billion that breached all the laws and guidelines for awarding contracts. We are talking about a culture of impunity, nay, a “bravado management style”. We are talking about a corrupt and corrosive abuse of public trust. Particularly worrisome is that some of those contracts were awarded when the president was away in London on sick leave after he had transferred presidential power to the vice-president. The question is, how could he have signed those contracts after he had divested himself of executive powers? Was it a case of one nation, two presidents?

Tinubu sees nothing wrong in this record-setting malfeasance worthy of his gold medal? All the reforms supposedly embarked upon in the NNPC by this government to create the optics of transparency, it now appears were mere smokescreens to hoodwink Nigerians into believing that they meant well and that they are the good guys who came to clean up the mess left behind by the bad guys. If I may ask, have you heard anything about the reforms again? They painted others as corrupt, all contracts awarded by the previous government suddenly didn’t follow due process. Even Kachikwu joined in casting aspersions on every official of the previous government. He assumed office as the GMD of NNPC with extraordinary powers and started sacking everybody. But when the government’s methods and tactics were criticised, they had a ready-made response in their new mantra: “Corruption is fighting back.”

A friend mocked the government with this email to me following the leaked letter by the minister of state to the president: “Seriously, I think this Dr. Ibe Kachikwu’s letter is a product of ‘corruption fighting back’. If we trace very well, I am sure that the minister benefited from the Dasuki loot or was a part of the corrupt PDP. His letter had all the hallmarks of antics to prevent EFCC and DSS from going after him. In fact, this is ‘corruption fighting back’. But this government which I know will not be distracted by the antics of these corrupt people who looted ‘our common patrimony’ in the past administration. They will be brought to ‘justice’ soonest.

Does that not sound familiar? It is the typical response by officials of this government, the APC and their apologists to any criticism of the government’s war on corruption. With Kachikwu’s letter and the Mainagate, many believe the government has failed the smell test. Supporters have been unable to find a satisfactory explanation on any front, whether on the level of breach of due process, impunity or corruption.

That is the way the cookie crumbles. The angels of due process have been exposed as the biggest perpetrators of impunity in our history. There is even a darker dimension to Kachikwu’s treatise: In this government, you now have to prove you are not anti-North to be trusted and “accepted” in the cabinet of Muhammadu Buhari as Kachikwu’s painfully suggested; and who knows, probably in other departments of government. The minister grovelled and begged that he was not anti-North and went into how he was raised in Kano to prove his pro-North credentials. It is a pity and it’s regrettable that Nigeria has been reduced to a joke.

Again, only the appointees of this government were adjudged clean and well-meaning for Nigeria. These guys rode high in the public space and estimation. Some members of the academia even encouraged the government to suspend the rule of law, which is the backbone and foundation of our democracy, in order to fight corruption. In encouraging the government to suspend the rule of law, they forgot that every individual is entitled to the protection of due process and not subject to lynch mob and vigilante justice. As they abused due process and destroyed reputations, they were hailed as saints and cheered on as deliverers for exposing Diezani Alison-Madueke, Patience Jonathan and all other officials who served in the last government, while all those serving in this government that were later caught red-handed were protected.

Day after day, Ibrahim Magu’s EFCC regales the public with staggering discoveries of Alison-Madueke’s alleged loot. Massive real estates are traced daily to her all over the world. Magu told Nigerians repeatedly how the government was working hard to extradite her to face trial in Nigeria. What is now obvious to even a fool is that this government was never interested in bringing Alison-Madueke to face trial here but was merely using her alleged crimes to sell its anti-corruption propaganda. When the woman demanded that government should bring her back to face justice, behold, Magu and Malami’s extradition tale fell apart. Suddenly they came up with another tale that “oh she wants to escape trial in Britain” even though there has been no trial going on there in the last two and a half years. Now can anyone tell Nigerians why the government only suddenly realised that she wanted to escape trial in Britain when its officials had been lying to the public about working hard to extradite her?

If the authorities were so sure of their case against her which they had made many to believe, why did they suddenly get cold feet when she was willing to come to the country to face the consequences of her alleged crimes? However, this is by no means an endorsement of her alleged crimes. Punish Alison-Madueke for her infractions but please do it within the fair process of the rule of law. The EFCC should by all means treat everyone equally.

Now how does one explain that the same EFCC deliberately sabotaged the prosecution of former Bayelsa Governor Timiprye Sylva, a stalwart of the ruling APC, but has been so “efficient” with Alison-Madueke’s case? While Sylva was on trial for corruption, he was made the governorship standard-bearer of Tinubu’s APC. Just a few days to the governorship election, a court curiously quashed all the charges against Sylva. The EFCC did not appeal the judgment. The 48 houses the EFCC had seized from him were returned even though there was a nexus between the four years he spent in office as a governor and the time of acquisition of those properties. It is noteworthy that throughout the period of the trial, the EFCC never filed for a temporary or permanent forfeiture of those houses. Does that not smack of double standard? Can Tinubu claim not to be aware of this? Only a man with two senses of morality will not feel outraged by such glaring double standard. For some of us however, we can still differentiate between right and wrong. And know when the thumb is put on the scale of justice to protect some people.

His party of saints also fielded the now late Abubakar Audu of Kogi State who was standing trial on multiple charges of corruption brought against him by the EFCC as its candidate in the 2015 governorship election. If the APC has any scintilla of morality, it wouldn’t have picked these persons whose conduct in prior public offices gravely undermined the message of change as candidates for elective offices.

Allow me to refresh your memory. Tinubu in 2012 at a rally in Ondo, boasted that he spent millions of pounds sterling to enable former Ondo State governor Olusegun Mimiko retrieve his mandate, but Mimiko betrayed him. Millions of pounds sterling is not something you pick on the ground. Where did Tinubu get the millions of pounds he claimed to have given to Mimiko?

Now recall that in 2007, while answering questions from the Senate on the alleged corruption cases hanging over the heads of some governors, Nuhu Ribadu, the then-chairman of EFCC, had declared pointedly that Tinubu’s corruption case had an “international dimension”. The same Tinubu is now awarding gold medal to someone for corruption. So who is fooling who here?

Let me tell Tinubu now in case he does not know, it is the weakness of Jonathan (a poor student of power and politics), that made him (Tinubu) strong. That weakness gave him the political space to grow in stature and expand his influence by hook or by crook. So he should be grateful to Jonathan for that weakness. He is not the right person to be vilifying him.

  • Sir Demo

    And you call this jejune an article for the public? When you can’t even spell your names correctly nko? Or what is the meaning of Shaka? Or momodu?

  • Asuk

    I pray many read this article.

  • Arabakpura

    I have only taken note of the concluding paragraph which is a classic! It’s a great summary of the events!

    We have concluded it naturally that all present Nigerian leaders are rogues and if the people don’t close-mark them – whether APC or PDP, they will always get the short end of the stick! Thanks anyway to the social media which has become their nightmare!

  • vikky be truthful

    this is writer is just wholesome, thumb up!!! keep it up. there is a saying in my village that: there is no war that has ever exterminated a race yet without one man standing to tell what happened. that man that will survive the war in the end is TRUTH. TRUTH never dies.

  • Souleymane Bilal

    A different breed of Nigerian journalists..A dying breed of Nigerians, full stop!

  • Souleymane Bilal

    A true Nigerian!

  • Ralph

    This guy just like having headache over nothing. PMB is president till 2023. If you like jump into the lagoon. No more free flowing money in Nigeria. In this PMB regime you only get what is honestly due to you

  • Tea

    Well done sir. Just recently l remembered pics posted 2 years ago of Fridges fully ice blocked by APc apologists claiming that GMB body language has very improved the Power supply, same for the refineries all working cos of GMB so called body language even b4 he appointed his cabinet.
    Over 2 years in the life of his govt.only fools believe the lies.
    Now it is obvious the man wants to be re-elected and he is smiling with his enemies now and Tinubu is all of a sudden attending every function. Yeye the smell.


    Jon West..?

  • moribund9ja

    Tinubu was right and you are right too about Buhari and APC govt.

    Just the proverbial two cutlasses: the sharp one has no handle while the one with handle is not sharp.

  • Pete

    Don Franco I am shocked by what you are saying here. Can’t you see you are contradicting yourself. What you are accusing Shaka of, which you are even wrong about is what u are doing. Is an accused not innocent until proven guilty? Because its Diezani, she is guilty as alleged until she proves her innocence? Why have you and your APC apologists convicted Diezani even before she gets her day in court? Why don’t you wait for the court to convict her, Franco? I am sure if she was your sister you won’t be talking like this.
    I have gone back to reread this article twice and I still can’t see where Shaka exonerated Diezani. I can’t see anywhere in the article where he stated that Diezani is not corrupt. He didn’t venture into that. It is you who is alleging he said so. Please help me underline the paragraph so I can see it. If you fail to do that then you are a confirmed liar and a cheat. You would have shown yourself today to thrive in lies and propaganda like the APC. Your honour, if you have any is at stake

  • “Korede

    I dont know where you got all your facts on Kachikwu letter and contracts award at NNPC. Did you read response from NNPC? Did you bother to read government responses to the alleged contract awards?

    I was expecting that you are going to take Tinubu up on how he acquired all his wealth. How his assets grew astronomically from when he became governor till date. Instead, you are busy justifying that APC government is stinking and blaming Maina pension scam which predated the present government on Buhari.

    Shame on all of you who defend all these politicians.

  • Intrepid

    Comdrade Shaka, your last paragraph surmise the hypocrisy in the character of the JAGABANDIT. Let the JAGABANDIT continue to ride high for now. God don butter his bread. The weakness of Jonathan has made the Chicago taxi driver the kingmaker.

  • David Lawson

    To add to your facts, Tinubu even lied about the circumstances of his son before the son’s death. He even attempted to garner some political benefits from his son’s death.

    What manner of man is this shameless old man. His son , Jide’s age was falsified in an obituary Tinubu the father authored . Well, Tinubu’s age is also unknown ! At the minimum, that man is about 76 years .. I can go on and on , because he disgusts every right-thinking being.

    Someone who could deny a local mother who loved him so much and claimed another family on the altar of politics.

  • Don Gratias

    Shaka the Great! Brilliant, factual, audacious, hot, expository, bulldozing, fearlessly fearless. He knocks down falsehood, shatters lies, disarm hypocrisy, and punctures stupidity. Thank you for putting Tinubu where he belongs. Thank you for confronting the APC gang of liars and criminals. Thank you for standing out at this critical moment that our nation needs emancipation from the clutches of political brigandage, impunity and extreme nepotism, open pillaging of our commonwealth under a shameless and clueless religious and ethnic bigot who is using the presidency to enjoy old age.

  • Kelly

    With these last two paragraphs, there wont be any need to add any other word to this complete column
    “Now recall that in 2007, while answering questions from the Senate on the alleged corruption cases hanging over the heads of some governors, Nuhu Ribadu, the then-chairman of EFCC, had declared pointedly that Tinubu’s corruption case had an “international dimension”. The same Tinubu is now awarding gold medal to someone for corruption. So who is fooling who here?

    Let me tell Tinubu now in case he does not know, it is the weakness of Jonathan (a poor student of power and politics), that made him (Tinubu) strong. That weakness gave him the political space to grow in stature and expand his influence by hook or by crook. So he should be grateful to Jonathan for that weakness. He is not the right person to be vilifying him.”

  • Matthew Oye

    saka, What are you insinuating? president buhari is building the best and biggest economy in the world. He is on top of issues when it relate to security, economy, money in the pocket and food on the table of Nigeria. just wait and see what will happen in his second term, infact Nigeria will dance and rejoice for voting for buhari for a second term. All the problem we are experiencing now was caused by Jonathan. buhari got some little energy to work now and he is working to eliminate corruption caused by Jonathan that is why he couldnt do much about the common man. As a matter of fact, Jonathan is the reason why buhari government is directionless, back and forth, divisive, inept,backward, stagnant,drab,uninspiring, bigotry,nepotistic and disappointing. Everything is caused by Jonathan, i mean everything. Jonathan is the very reason why buhari is failing in all fronts right now because jonathan is ruling our nation behind the scene. you look at the whole mess; why are we not having stable electricity? it all about jonathan, why are nigerians suffering more and much everyday now? is it not this same man callled jonathan. why is our nation stagnant like a pool in the desert is not this man called president jonathan? Why is our educational system so bad that our graduate worth less than $1, lets just heap every blame in our man called Goodluck jonathan jare. Ride on to your second term, sai baba

    • Iskacountryman

      now you are talking…sai baba!

    • Chiagozie Ahanonu


  • Pete

    Truly Tinubu’s profile would not be what it is today if Jonathan was not a weak leader. His weakness as Shaka pointed out made Tinubu to be prancing around the country as the national leader of APC. He kept quite when they were forming the party when he could have frustrated it. He had all he needed to lock Tinubu up and throw the keys into the ocean but chose to play the gentle man. Today, Tinubu has no respect; he is boastful and sees himself as untouchable.

  • Akins

    This shaka is high again. For me, Jonathan and his wife , thieves, Madam Allison Madueke, thief, Tinubu too thief. There is still no difference. I don’t know why Shaka always defending criminals all because they came from his beloved party PDP. APC and PDP are the same thieves.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    All I have to say to the writer of this article is: God will bless you immensely. I am particularly thrilled by the last paragraph of the write-up. If not for Jonathan’s weakness, Tinubu would by now be serving a loooooooooooooooooooong jail term; particularly for the role he played in bribing dirty-looking, semi-literate, extremely corrupt (IN)Justice Ayo Salami (from whom he purchased Ekiti, Osun and Edo States, using the Court of Appeal).

  • Olufemi Bello

    I like your last paragraph very much.

  • Fowad

    As at the time Tinubu settled for Buhari he had no other choice. Buhari has faults but he still stands tall. Like a fruitcake he can only get better. All we need to do is to upgrade our criticism of his administration, and he will LISTEN. We can all agree
    Tinubu is an employer of labour with his money. The man keeps giving his money and political knowledge. A rare gift in our clime.
    It’s unfortunate Shaka muddles the political waters by juxtaposing Tinubu with Maina.
    With Leader like Tinubu around the mistakes of APC can still be resolved.
    We shouldn’t even so much as imagine a political party as the PDP in the saddle AGAIN.
    Shaka did you get it?

    • Iskacountryman

      i know buhari personally…he has a listening problem…

    • Comrade Uma

      Tinubu “an employer of labour with his money” really? Since when did Tinubu become Dangote and with which source of wealth? My country`s men and women especially the educated youths swims in deceit; when it suits or concerns your admirers, you defend the corrupt and at other times depending on who is involved, you throw a thorn-filled stick.

      When I read from your likes, I just agree the more that Nigeria as a country is not ready to walk on the right path yet.

  • Leo Ben

    WOW! Long article but I couldn’t stop reading. This is a blockbuster writeup. Shaka gives the backpage of THISDAY a no nonsense character with his fearless analysis. After reading rubbish for three weeks, I woke up to see that food was ready. He doesn’t write regularly but once he writes. It is always audacious, insightful and leaves his readers begging for more, and more. How he manages to weave his writeups together is amazing. Thanks Shaka for cutting Tinubu down to size. The man who is milking Lagos to death is accusing others of corruption. na wa ooo!

  • Mystic mallam

    Thanks Shaka, the way you spell it out the truth, even the deaf and dumb must appreciate. I too almost chocked on my tuwo listening to Tinubu, Tinubu of all politicians, awarding medals for corruption. If Tinubu awarded the gold to GEJ, poor spineless Jonathan, what did he reserve for himself? Or is he relying on the technicality that let him loose from the clutches of the corrupt Judge’s Code of Conduct Tribunal? Who tells him that an APPDDPMMCCP Govt won’t re-arraign him in 2020 or 2024, after all what goes around comes around.

  • Pete

    This article has put Tinubu, the APC, Buhari and their supporters on the spot. Can anybody contradict what has been written here today? Corrupt people are moving around as heroes and calling others corrupt and Nigerians are clapping. Thank God Shaka has forcefully and incisively put the facts on the table today. Those who can see let them see; and those who can’t see may God open your eyes.

    Tinubu saying that Jonathan won a gold medal in corruption is shocking! It’s like the kettle calling the pot black.

    Thank you Shaka for this article our prayers are with you, we kneel down every morning to pray for you. May the Lord send His angels to always protect you everywhere you go from harm, may God give your children the strength of character to be like you and may those who try to harm you in any shape or form perish! In Jesus name. (Amen)

    • Olusola Olusina Micheal

      lots of contradictions already in hislong wasted article

    • Iskacountryman

      obanikoro just joined the apc…he is now innocent…

  • yusuf Mikail

    Shaka, don’t mind all of them. Our mumu has ended. We are waiting for them in 2019. Insha Allah!

    • Iskacountryman

      2019 …sai baba!

    • Ralph

      the margin of Buhar’s win in 2019 will double

  • the masked one

    Had this writer tarried, he would have added the latest episode coming from the Mainagate soap opera.
    Testifying before the Senate Maina’s lawyer admitted that Maina worked up to October, and was treating files and receiving his October pay. That he was never sacked as we were made to believe. Shocking!
    Another shocking revelation was that about 220 houses recovered from Maina by the EFCC were shared among some top of officials in this administration. Yes, in this administration! Not Jonathan’s!
    And yet our latter-day purist, Saint Tinubu, could not say a word about this?
    No need adding the ongoing supremacy battle between the nation’s security and anticorruption agencies. The shameless show of strength between DSS/ NIA and EFCC. Imagine a battle between FBI and CIA?
    Is it not the height of hypocrisy that Saint Tinubu overlooked or glossed over the putrid stench of corruption oozing out everywhere within the government he is one of the principal actors to insult our sensibilities with a distraction called corruption gold medal award to Jonathan?
    But can Tinubu always “outsmart” the authorities from being probed for corruption allegations? One day, Pharaoh who does not know Joseph may emerge on the scene, and it will be judgment time for the self-anointed anticorruption czar but a well known con-artist and wheeler-dealing politician.

    • Tea

      It was an APC Senator on the floor of the senate who stated that the President treats corruption cases affecting the executive with deodorant while the NASS, Judiciary and PDP with insecticides, what more evidence do we require to tag this government most corrupt.

  • Fidelis A.

    Tinubu-again….. Lol!

    My dear Shaka, get ready for the right of reply from the entire editorial board members of the Nation newspaper. You dare called out their publisher?

    Thanks for this insightful article. What a Truth telling pen, nothing to add.

    • E.Udah

      They will be disgraced and placed where they belong if they make the mistake of writting a rebuttal to what Shaka have written.
      Okorocha’s lesson will be a child’s play.

  • Darcy

    Corruption ohh, anti-corruption sef join, all of them are massive distractions to the real problem of Nigeria. Namely the appropriation of our national wealth by an incestuous elite who try to distract us with talk of tribal domination while their children inter-marry and economic nationalism while they jet out at the drop of a hat.

    Give me an inheritance tax of say 30%, a luxury tax of say 40%, throw the tax-breaks given to our so called national champions in the fire, ban any bank whose loan portfolio is majorly directed towards SMEs from housing Government Accounts, Start a state-led infrastructure program and make a law preventing any dual citizen or a person whose children are, from accessing Government office.

    Let’s start with that and you can be as corrupt as you want to be. It’s time to face the harsh truth, our elites conceive of Nigeria only as a source of rent, unless that changes they’re no different from the Colonialists. Afterall were the Governor Generals corrupt? Did they develop us?

    Loyalty to the nation is the sole nonnegotiable rule of national development. Try and imagine the Meiji restoration if the folks that carried it out had houses on Mayfair, imagine Madison putting as much thought into his Essays on Governance if he was fretting over telegraphs from his kids at Oxford.

    No man can serve two masters!

    • Iskacountryman

      who will monitor the inheritance and luxury taxes?…our mainas…mister darcy…i urge that we grant a general amnesty to all those that have ‘taken’…we take 50% and let them kee the rest…from there your inheritance tax would come after…you see why you need us more than we need you?

      • Darcy

        The point for negotiations is slowly drawing to a close. But sure, keep telling us to eat cake.

        • Iskacountryman

          darcy…what do you want…tuwo?

          • Darcy

            NO. Ego.

          • Iskacountryman

            nyamiri…why did i even ask…

          • Darcy

            Kpele ohh, oya I’ll take one government post.

          • Iskacountryman

            not unless you convert…

          • Darcy

            Depends, do you have one fine daughter to dash me?

            I fit convert for am (:

  • John Paul

    Tinubu was correct.

    GEJ’s administration was the most corrupt administration in the history of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. They made more money – ₦51 trillion – than any other administration in the 57 years of our history. But ended up looting most of the resources that accrued to Nigeria during that era

    Nevertheless, Shaka makes an excellent observation:
    “The allegation of ongoing humongous sleaze in all departments of government, especially at the NNPC, has been corroborated by Kachikwu’s letter. The minister listed major contracts awarded by the Group Managing Director of the NNPC, Maikanti Baru, without the input of the NNPC board to include $10 billion crude term contracts; $5 billion direct sales direct purchase (DSDP) contracts; $3 billion AKK pipeline contract; financing allocation funding contracts worth $3 billion; and NPDC production service contracts valued at $3-$4 billion…We are talking about a jaw-dropping $25 billion that breached all the laws and guidelines for awarding contracts”

    But we must remember that there is no statute of limitations for criminal offenses in Nigeria.

    A crime, including crimes involving corruption, can be prosecuted at any time and by any government. In theory, this administration can even go back in history and prosecute crimes, committed in the former Eastern region, during Ukpabi Asika’s administration

    So to suggest that Nigerians should not support the war against corruption, or that we should bring an end to the war against corruption, because some appointees of the president and friends of the ruling party, have not been arrested and prosecuted is, to say the least, unpatriotic

    Any day PDP takes over power, they should go and prosecute Babachir Lawal, Maikanti Baru, Abdulrasheed Maina, Abubakar Malami, etc

    As for Mrs Madueke, even though things are improving, the reality is that, after many years of neglect, our justice system does not have the capacity to successfully prosecute the big fish. Heck, it is even difficult for them to successfully prosecute the fry

    Early this year, $10 million in cash was found in the possession of the former GMD of NNPC, Mrs Madueke’s surbodinate, Andrew Yakubu. With that type of money in their arsenal, prosecutors, witnesses and even judges face the risk of being compromised

    How can we forget, that James Ibori offered $15 million, in cash, to Nuhu Ribadu. And even when Ribadu rejected Ibori’s loot, Ibori still managed to be acquitted by Nigeria’s justice system, only to be convicted with the same evidence, by the U.K. justice system

    The bottomline is that EFCC should prosecute as many cases as it has the capacity to prosecute. No government or political party rules forever. Whenever APC is no longer in power, even if it is in 2027, the EFCC of that era, can prosecute the people that fell through the cracks

    • Daniel Obior

      First, Tinubu is wrong. The most corrupt administrations in the history of the country were the Babangida and Abacha administrations. Where did you cook up the figure of N51 trillion? I challenge you to give a breakdown of the revenues of each of the administrations in real term (adjusted for inflation). Otherwise, your figures are just fiction and make no sense. Let me give you an example. A barrel of oil was more than $100 during Jonathan’s administration. In 1980 during Shagari’s administration, the average oil price was $36.80. Your type will compare these figure and claim that oil price in Jonathan’s time was more than three times the price in Shagari’s time. Whereas the real term price of oil in 1980 is also above $100. You can only compare likes for likes when the money figure are real term. Most people would not believe that we have had real term oil price higher than $100, as far back as 1980. Secondly, indeed there is no statute limitation for prosecution of criminal offences. Why then is this administration limiting its fight to only the last administration? Why is it only going after political opponents alone and shielding corrupt members of its party? Nigerians want a true fight against corruption. Not this one sided fight that no longer has credibility and has become meaningless.

      • William Norris

        Your replying to John Paul is a serious letdown. He deserves to be ignored. The fellow is a plain old retard. Don’t dignify the fool.

        • Daniel Obior

          He is a pathetic case, but one has to bust his bubble once in a while.

      • Iskacountryman

        you wan make him go catch ibb?…you are crazy…o

      • onyema22ohaka

        The pathetic nature of your idiocy is factory fitted and unparalleled!

        • Daniel Obior

          Please tell me, what is the idiocy in the two points I made? Are you sure you shouldn’t be directing this at John Paul, who is by far more befitting of this?

          • onyema22ohaka

            So very sorry. Wrongly directed.
            Meant for him.

          • Daniel Obior

            Thanks. I guessed as much.

    • iwe paul

      You and Tinubu’s claim of 51 trillion naira revenue claim in view of exchange range realities and inflation is such a big lie that i shudder to believe that someone as intelligent as you can spew such rubbish here. Please get your facts right.

  • Michael Kadiri SocioPolitical

    I never have much to say when I read your articles. It is rather hard to argue against facts or tell them more clearly than you usually do.

    So I am always left wondering what our country would look like if there were many more of you out there.

    With your essays you demonstrate how important a fourth estate is. One that is independent and fearlessly truth telling. It actually improves the decisions society makes. Knowledge they say is power and we the people are less powerful without the independent analysis that you and the few like you bring to the discourse.

    I know it must be lonely.

    Keep on keeping on!

    • Don Franco

      Dear MKSP:

      Shaka is a truth teller with a gifted pen, no doubt; but I was left with the impression after reading this article that Shaka operates on double standards when it comes to his advocacy for justice and due process.

      You will recall that the US Justice Department, thru the US District Courts in Texas and New York indicted Diezani, Kola Aluko and Jide Omokore; they even attached their immovable assets and bank accounts all over the US. How can Shaka now say that Diezani wasn’t the most corrupt Oil Minister, under GEJ; that Nigeria ever had the misfortune of appointing to that position. That her trial in the UK is slow, like Ibori”s doesn’t in anyway extenuate the gravity of her crimes; if anything it confirms her guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

      Shaka disingenuously failed to tell us why Diezani absconded to London, and didn’t she stay in Nigeria to clear her name, only to want to come back to Nigeria when it became clear that she may serve at least 15 years in a British prison. Hell, she even forced herself on a BA flight and sat next to Buhari, after the 2015 elections, angling to discuss a soft landing, he snobbed her, with the fulani scorn that she deserve.

      If Shaka’s capacity for truth-telling and due process isn’t tainted by personal and political animosities, why did he fail to mention that to date, Abdulrasheed Maina’s case against the Federal Government for illegal dismissal, which he won, was never appealed by the Ministry of Interior, SGF, Head of Service, Pencom or even the AGF? It is for this reason that to date, even after his last “dismissal” government still take files to him, in his Abuja hideout, to treat. The man knows where the proverbial PENCOM bodies are buried, so to speak.

      Where was Shaka’s capacity and passion for truth and due process when Buhari’s jackboots invaded Umuahia in September, shot and killed unarmed IPOB youth and defenceless women and infant children, including the kidnapping of Nnamdi Kanu and his father, neither of whom has been seen, then and since?

      MKSP, Shaka, in his selective truth-telling ignored all the overwhelming evidence of recovered loot from from PDP corruptionists, millions of dollars from Ikoyi apartments and locked warehouses on Ahmadu Bello Road, Victoria Island, and countless properties and banks accounts, home and abroad.

      Shaka Momodu, janus-faced, is a fan of Buhari as long as the President continues to kill Igbos, breach Dasuki and Zakzakky- related court orders; pack the NNPC and DSS senior management with northerners; but let Buhari arrest or investigate any PDP corruptionist; and Shaka will write the following Friday, on his mis-named “Republic” column about how the entire anticorruption war is a farce.

      MKSP, at some point, Shaka is gonna have to make up his mind, to either condemn Buhari in totality, as he should; or else stay lukewarm and embrace him on human rights violations, but castigate him only when his PDP friends are under fire by Buhari for their corrupt and despicable thieving conduct.

      • Fidelis A.

        Dear Don,

        I am shocked by your rebuttal to Shaka insightful article but not surprised. Your fourth to last paragraph gave you away.

        Shaka did not exonerate Deziani in his piece, rather he simply called out the Janus face of the EFCC AND THE AGF, who have been hitting the airwaves with her many crimes and refusing to take the bull by the horn, in extraditing Deziani to face trial for her many sins against the Nigerian people.
        I once told you in my engagement with you here, that your personal beef with Shaka shouldn’t be getting the better of you. You are too enlightened and much better than this.

        • Don Franco

          Dear Fidel,

          Shaka’s statement that no trial of Diezani has happened in the last 30 months is patently false; the Crown Prosecution Services has enough probable cause and evidence release her on bail pending investigation and trial. Shaka is very aware of this fact; why he made this factually inaccurate statement can only be partisan reasons.

          Secondly, it is also outrightly false that Timi Sylva was exonerated by the EFCC. No less an advocate than Festus Keyamo prosecuted that matter for Government, but Timi Sylva was acquitted and discharged for lack of diligent prosecution of the same criminal case in two different courts. This was before he undertook to work in the APC campaign, again, Shaka cannot claim ignorance of these facts; even though he said the opposite in his article.

          Fidel, part of being an impartial commentator involves speaking truth to Columnists, no matter how talented they may be, when they deliberately misrepresent facts or spew falsehood, out of partisanship. There’s no need to follow Shaka sheepishly and not call him out when he’s less than honest in his statements.

          It’s rather unfortunate that I cannot have a contrary opinion on Shaka’s write-up without you’re attributing it to my IPOB sympathies, for which I don’t apologize.

          I don’t dislike Shaka, but his article today is replete with factually inaccurate statements and outright falsehood.

          • Fidelis A.

            Dear Don,

            Is there a thing like forfeiture aggressively being implemented by the EFCC TODAY? Why wasn’t it implemented on the 48 houses of Timipre Sylva, pending when the appeal will be heard which the EFCC refused to pursue?

            This is what Shaka was pointing out. The hypocrisy in the war on corruption, it’s all too glaring for even the blind to see.

            Don, sad to say, but you are alone on this backpages today, simply because you allowed yourself to be hijacked by your emotive war with Shaka.

          • Pete

            This Don Franco is very annoying. According to him “the Crown Prosecution Services has enough probable cause and evidence release her on bail pending investigation and trial.” Is there a trial going on in the UK at the moment, yes or no?

            On Sylva; where charges quashed a few days to the governorship election in which Sylva was the candidate of the APC, yes or no? Did EFCC appeal the judgement quashing the charges against Sylva, yes or no? Did EFCC return 48 houses to Sylva, yes or no? Please Franco stop exhibiting foolishness here. Why are you not address the 25 billion dollars contracts issue? Some of the contracts were awarded when the president was on sick leave and Osibanjo was legally the Acting President but Buhari was said to have given approval. How can that be? Is Don Franco saying that he tolerates what Baru did but is against what is alleged Alison Madueke did?

          • Fidelis A.

            Dear Pete,

            Please, lets cut Don some slack today. The commentaire Don is more intellectually astute than this. I am just disappointed that he allowed himself to be hijacked to the extent that it would also manifest in his commentary. He has blatantly refused to forgive Shaka on his Nnamdi Kanu’s treatise and that indeed is a crying shame.

          • James Gunn


          • Don Franco

            Dear Pete:

            The verities of truth can be very annoying, on that count, you’re right.
            In Criminal Proceedings, there’s arrest; arraignment; pleading; investigation, discovery; pre-trial; trial; conviction or acquittal judgment, sentencing, and appeal. Diezani is on trial, and a guest of the British criminal justice system, but for her health complications, her matter would have been expedited. Yourself and Shaka cannot find her not guilty before her trial is finalized.

            It is only in Shaka Momodu’s columns that the presumption of innocence takes a beating. By contesting Festus Keyamo and the EFCC’s inability to convict or appeal Timi Silva’s acquittal by a court of competent jurisdiction is indicative of your failure to grasp the kernel of my explaination that Shaka misrepresented facts in his article. The EFCC had no grounds to appeal after 3 long years and a botched trial. Why is that so difficult for you to understand?.
            Isn’t it a lesser evil that a criminal gets away than that the government plays the ignoble role of endless and needless appeals expressly induced to forfeit properties that were part of the case they lost in the first instance?
            When the facts of a case a clear, like in Timi Silva’s matter, no Appeals Court will countenance an appeal from the EFCC, especially if the government had the effective counsel of Festus Keyamo’s representation.

            Neither Timi Sylva nor Abubakar Audu were convicted of any crimes of moral turpitude, and Shaka knows that, even if he’s refused to accept it. It was under the PDP government that Timi Sylva was acquitted and his properties returned to him; before Buhari was elected president.

            Pete, ask Shaka to stop deviating from the truth, before he lose the respect of discerning commentators on this forum.

          • Iskacountryman

            “…no trial of Diezani has happened in the last 30 months is patently false; the Crown Prosecution Services has enough probable cause and evidence to have arrested Diezani and released her on bail pending investigation and trial”…what exactly is the picture?

          • Don Franco


            Is it possible that you undertook your early childhood education in Kaduna?

          • Iskacountryman

            no…katsina…why do you ask?

          • Don Franco

            Don’t bother. …it’s worse than I thought.

          • Iskacountryman

            people from the land of okoroacha, should stop yakking about education standards…

          • Don Franco

            You mean Okoroawusa? I agree with you.

          • Iskacountryman

            you know the primary school at owerri close to the sabon gari?

          • Don Franco


          • Don Franco

            I wish I did, but I don’t. … unfortunately, I grew up between Gujungu and Hadejia.

          • Iskacountryman

            no wonder you sound so smart…

          • Don Franco

            Your own foolery amazes me to no end…

          • Iskacountryman

            thanks for the complement, mister franco…but no virgins without sacrifice…

          • share Idea


          • Habmal

            Iskacountryman, you fell for Don Franco’s trap because you don’t know what is happening in Kaduna State Education sector.

          • Iskacountryman

            trap?…no, why should i worry…he is eboe, they are always tricky…and katsina is different from kaduna…

          • Don Franco

            The exact picture is that you foolishly left out the word “that” in the beginning of your quotation of my statement. … insert it ; and you’ll have your answer.

          • Iskacountryman

            foolishly is apt…but then, i retain the freedom to add or subtract…that is the joy of being foolish…

          • Don Franco

            I envy you your blissful foolishness, but I’m not jealous. ..

          • Pete

            Don Franco I am shocked by what you are saying here. Can’t you see you are contradicting yourself. What are you accusing Shaka of, which you are even wrong about is what you are doing. Is an accused not innocent until proven guilty? Because its Diezani, she is guilty as allegwd until she proves her innocence? Why have you and your APC apologists convicted Diezani even before she gets her day in court? Why don’t you wait for the court to convict her,
            Franco? Iam sure if she was your sister you won’t be talking like this. I have gone back to reread this article twice and can’t see where Shaka exonerated Diezani. I can’t see anywhere in the article where he stated that Diezani is not corrupt. He didn’t venture into that . It is you who is alleging he said so. Please help me underline the paragraph so I can see it. If you fail to do that then you are a confirmed liar and cheat. You would have shown yourself today to thrive in lies and propaganda like the APC. Your honour, if you have any is at stake.

          • Comrade Uma


            To be honest, you are only smart by half. It is a shame you apply your broken legal system to what happens in a civilized society. The truth is, Mrs. Madueke is NOT under any trial in the UK and NOT under any investigation; UK security agency like others in the civilized world DO NOT HOLD ANYONE WITHOUT CHARGES WHILE THEY INVESTIGATE. They INVESTIGATE BEFORE ARREST OR CHARGES, STOP THE LIES. In fact, the same UK has asked Nigeria to apply to extradite her through the official channel because at the moment, she is a legal resident in UK.

            This lies of Mrs. Madueke on trial or investigation is the UK is lame and useless because SHE IS NOT. Your lazy and confused government wants to appear good by using her name on every fictitious corruption allegation. Yet in all of their claims, she has NOT been charged to any court in Nigeria for the alleged crimes. Does that make any sense? When you pushed them, they give lazy brains like you one of the most stupid excuse about her facing charges in the UK. How does that affect charging her in Nigeria when her lawyers can represent her in any court anywhere in the world? She does not need to appear in person unless the trial judge says so. Where did some of you get your education from, please?

            Mrs. Madueke is smarter than your clueless government. She is playing her card well. She can come in the country to face the noise because she is NOT under any restriction in the UK not to travel. But want the clueless government to extradite her so she could finish them off.

            Enough of this your silly noise. You live in Nigeria and only know about the dubious process in Nigeria. So stick to what you know and stop laying claim to what you have idea of.

          • Don Franco

            Desk Comrade Uma,

            You said so much but said nothing. I’m sure Diezani will be pleased that your kind actually exist, who believe in her innocence.
            Good luck…

          • Comrade Uma

            Funny! Just like your other comments, when faced with the truth, you make up excuses for your failure to produce superior argument. While you believe in Newspaper trials, I am teaching you what the legal procedure is and which is more reason why your shameless government has failed to win any case in the court. So deal with it!

          • Don Franco

            Dear Comrade Uma,

            Your statements and line of argument clearly indicate that you’re not ready for prime time on this forum. When you are ready, I’ll engage you.
            Even the the dialectic of intellectual discourse has unspoken rules that I can see you’re unaware of. Good bye.

          • Comrade Uma

            Don. please don`t make the mistake of taking yourself too serious. You are really still incubating. I am sure from your subjective position on the topic under discourse, you really do not mirror the image you are trying to make of yourself. Thank you.

          • Don Franco

            Dear Comrade Uma,

            It is through diametrically opposed positions that the truth of any matter can be ascertained. I personally welcome contrary positions to my own line of argument; and I as much as possible endeavour to preserve decorum while articulating my points. Anybody can be a master of the invective, by employing personal insults to make their point.
            I know nothing about supporters of Shaka’s partisanship, falsehoods, or making making images of myself.
            At any rate, do be well.

          • Comrade Uma

            Mr. Don, diverting attention to non-issues helps neither of us or those who gets the chance to read our threads. And for the records, I have absolutely no problem with you on the simple reason that, I do not know you in person and have never met you. So taking our different positions personal is totally out of the point.

            However, I am constantly disturbed by the position the group you belong to takes on national issues that affects millions of Nigerians and by a larger extent, non Nigerians. If I am allowed to judge from your post that got my attention, I am tempted to conclude that you represent everything wrong with the dysfunctional system running lives and abundant talents to the grave.

            My pain is made even more troubling when you allude to things you have no knowledge of to argue your contrived conclusions. By no little means Mr. Don, you have helped this government perpetuate their systemic abuse on the physic of Nigerians. You painted an image of non-existing events as if they existed. And deep down in your mind, you knew you were lying, but like your type, you never cared. You hide behind the mask of your ability to make sentences to pollute the minds of your readers with pure fiction. What you happily did and saw no wrong in is the same lies, deceits, propaganda, etc that has characterized the government of Buhari. Yet curiously, your likes wants a better Nigeria with the faulty and crumpling foundation you are building.

            If you accuse Shaka of “partisanship, falsehood” even when his essay showed that he did a better research work looking at the verifiable facts with numbers he provided, what exactly would you call or name your position as narrated in the comment you posted? A nationalist? Please!

          • Don Franco

            Dear Comrade Uma:

            You’re being diversionary by accusing me of making sentences that pollute the minds readers, and writing fabricated facts. Nothing could be further from the truth.
            I’m an ardent Biafran nationalist, if you care to know my political opinion. I detest the APC and everything that they stand for; so my calling Shaka out on his lies and factually inaccurate statements has nothing to do with an affinity for the APC.

            All I did was point out that Shaka Momodu is partisan by his false statements that:
            1) Former Governor Timi Sylva was exonerated from criminal charges, expressly to make it possible for him to run a governorship campaign; I pointed out that that wasn’t the case, as the APC wasn’t in power at the time; further, that Shaka’s party (PDP), and their EFCC Chairman, Lamorde; and Festus Keyamo, a PDP lawyer prosecuted and lost that case on technicalities. I never insinuated that Sylva is innocent. He’s not; but the EFCC didn’t do their homework before going to trial. This same lack of prosecutorial diligence was responsible for the government’s loss of the cases against Godsday Orubebe, and corrupt Justice Ademola. Shaka knows the deal.

            Secondly, was being economical with the truth when he stated that there was no concerted effort by the EFCC to extradite Diezani back to Nigeria to face criminal charges here. That she hasn’t being extradired yet, doesn’t mean that she won’t be; nor does it mean she’s not facing criminal charges in Britain.

            Shaka Momomdu and Dr. Akintola Osutokun are the most prolific writers on the Friday Backpages, and I have disagreed with their opinions on occasion. Shaka is human, and not infallible in my eyes; although I’m sure he’s a perfect nonpartisan human being in your opinion. I shall not hesitate to call him out; if or when he makes false statements, especially where the facts are clear and known to all.

            While I don’t have an opinion about a better Nigeria; I’m more passionate about self-determination for Igbos in an independent Biafra, preferably.

            Most people on this forum come with their political opinions already formed, and whatever side they take in an argument has to do with thier personal convictions, for example, you’ll not find an Iskacountryman, or Dele Adewogba, in agreement with Jon West or Grelia O; or William Norris

          • Comrade Uma

            Don, point of correction: former Governor Timi Sylva`s corruption was still on when he contested the last election in Bayelsa; I remember the EFCC writing both the APC and INEC about allowing him contest the election. It was after the election the case was dropped.

            Second, Diezani does NOT have any charges against her in UK. You keep repeating this same false narrative.

            Third, the EFCC had NO evidence against Godsday Orubebe . It was the same media trial that has won them NO single case and that case was quashed by the court late last year or earlier this year on the grounds that EFCC never had any evidence apart from assumptions.

            Some of you depends so much on the catchy headlines without digging deep to objectively dissect the subject matter.

          • Sean William

            You, sir, are the worst ignoramus I’ve had the misfortune of encountering here. Good thing you’re basking in the anonymity of this virtual platform; the shame of putting a face to the idiocy you have exhibited here could quickly send you to the great beyond.

          • Don Franco

            Desk Sean Williams,

            It does take one to know one. I’m delighted to know a fellow ignoramus; but I doubt that unlike myself; you’re an idiot like in Fyodor Dostoevsky’s book of the same name.

          • Sean William

            Your idiocy is out there for everyone to see; among others, not knowing that investigation comes before arrest! Thank the virtual character of this platform that we can’t put a face to you, muppet!

          • Don Franco

            Dear Sean William,

            Law enforcement can arrest a criminal suspect on probable cause, and crime prevention basis alone, without investigation or any need to prove mens rea. Have you ever heard of Citizens Arrest?
            Trial, of course is another matter. Ongoing investigation before and or during trial can unearth new evidence that may aid prosecution or exculpate of a defendant.
            Where in the hell did you go to law school, if at all?
            I agree with you that the virtual character of the Internet is responsible for your incurable mumu, to find Diezani innocent before her prosecution is concluded.

          • Sean William

            You’re still an opinionated ignoramus, even though you’re trying to reverse yourself. Listen muppet, as a general rule arrest follows investigation, not the other way round. Diezani wasn’t caught in the act and there was no suggestion that the allegations against her fell within the description of preparation to commit a crime for which an instant arrest for preventive purposes is permissible. That is why the UK National Crime Agency UK did not actually arrest Diezani, she was simply invited to the agency’s offices to respond to questions arising from a preliminary investigation. She spent a few hours doing that and was allowed to go home after that. Till date there’s been no formal charge against her, never mind an on-going trial as you falsely claimed. You’re a congenital liar and an ineducable pocket lawyer. No point wasting my time with a guy who has demonstrated such visceral stupidity that would humor even a mad man.

          • Don Franco

            Dear Sean William:

            You’re irredeemably ignorant, I can’t help you.

          • Chiagozie Ahanonu

            Don Franco, many of us here are not reading your comments. We read other comments that make sense. Sorry for that.

          • Don Franco

            Dear Mr. Ahanonu,

            My comments are not for your type, in any event, so I’m honoured and actually request that you please don’t read them.

          • Don Franco

            Dear Sean Williams :

            You’re all force and fury….no substance.

          • Sean William

            Wow! What a good job on that clown, Don Franco! Thank you, Comrade Uma. He thought he could get away with his mishmash of half-education, pedestrian thinking and outright jiggery-pokery. What a fool and a liar!

          • Comrade Uma

            Sean, I have a problem with the Dons of this world who twist and turn thinking every other person is as stupid as they are. Let keep it simple, try our hardest to mask our bias sometimes. Sounding all knowing when in truth you are empty infuriates me. That dude called Don represents many of the things gone wrong in the Nigerian society.

          • Be Sincere

            Comrade Uma, where have you been all this while? You should always be here. Thank you for this education.

          • Comrade Uma

            I have always been here. A lot of the times, I read the comments just to have a view of what the people are saying without making any of mine. I respond to threads that are over the top with their assertions. So I chose not to comment many of the times.

            It is good to listen or read to help you with a better position to make an informed judgement later on.

            Stay true to your personality. God bless you and yours.

          • Garba Kano

            You and this your fellow illiterate PDPig columnist Shakara Madmodu would need deliverance and advice to go back to school and receive proper education. Seems you are just products of your usual Southern 419 Expo schools. All the writings contain no substance just nothing but a trash.

          • Comrade Uma

            When you look in the mirror, the image you see is the one suffering from acute illiteracy .

          • Pete

            Don Franco I am shocked by what you are saying here. Can’t you see you are contradicting yourself. What you are accusing Shaka of, which you are even wrong about is what you are doing. Is an accused not innocent until proven guilty?
            Because it is Diezani, she is guilty as alleged until she proves her innocence? Why have you and your APC apologists convicted Diezani even before she gets her day in court? Why don’t you wait for the court to convict her, Franco? I am sure is she was your sister you won’t be talking like this.
            I have gone back to reread this article twice and i still can’t see where Shaka exonerated Diezani. I can’t see anywhere in the article where he stated that Diezani is not corrupt. He didn’t venture into that. It is you who is alleging he said so. Please help me underline the paragraph so I can see it. If you fail to do that then you are a confirmed liar and a cheat. You would have shown yourself today to thrive in lies and propaganda like the APC. Your honor, if you have any is at stake.

          • Milito

            Just like you too….

          • Olusola Olusina Micheal

            what kind of hypocracy are you referring to…what was the efforts made by his friends in govt at asset and loot recovery for the nation in their hey days..this govt has been trying to confront the ills of corruption though in every human activities their is no perfection ..at least good efforts are been made .peroid

          • gboromiro

            Now he isn’t. It is obvious that Shaka is a partisan commentator. All Don is saying it’s fair to be partisan but stick to the truth all times and not obfuscate issues for political advantage

          • Don Franco

            Dear Fidel,

            It’s not so lonely for me on this Backpagets 2day, with 5 upvotes, to your 8; nonetheless, like Henry David Thoreau wrote; “Any man more right than his neighbor, constitutes a majority of one”.

          • Olusola Olusina Micheal

            The man is simply a PDP apologist which he has a right to be..and like you rightly said he sholud always disclose his bias and stop misrepresenting facts to suit his disposition on National issues

          • Chym

            You are a useless idiot

          • gboromiro

            Dear Don, i couldn’t agree with you more.Shaka has no right to misrepresent or ignore FACTs

          • ewucanbeer

            intelligent Biafran!

      • Pete

        Dear Don Franco, I guess you must have been under some kind of spell when read Shaka’s article. If you read it with your correct senses you won’t write this as a response. You are a disappointment and a disgrace to honesty. I am ashamed of you. Unbelievable that all the facts stated here you have chosen to twist what Shaka wrote. Point out where in this article that he exonerated Diezani. In any case the 25 billion dollars contracts award without due process is a record. Syvla’s 48 houses acquired as Governor were returned while Diezani’s own acquired as Minister were seized. Is that not double standard? just because Sylva is APC and Diezani is PDP. I believe this is what Shaka what pointing out. Treat all corruption cases equally. And for that you attack Shaka. You are still angry with Shaka because of his piece on Nnamdi Kanu, your runaway IPOB leader

        • Don Franco

          Greetings, Pete:

          Please kindly see my reply to Fidel A, above. We must not all sheepishly agree with Shaka, especially when he writes untruths that’s predicated on partisanship.

        • Olusola Olusina Micheal

          pete you and i sincerely know that there is no 25 billion dollar scam in NNPC only a confrontation and misunderstanding of due processe in the award of theservice contrct which is not even procurement related

          • Don Gratias

            Mr Man, keep trying harder as if there is virtue in stupidity. Try harder to explain what is corruption when 25 billion dollars contracts passed without the presiding board. Try harder, keep trying. Yeye

          • Chym

            Brainwashed fool

        • Iskacountryman

          point of correction…kanu did not run away…he was captured and used to fertilise the tree of national unity…

      • bigdaddy

        Your first paragraph effectively summarizes Shaka’s hypocrisy. Tinubu is right about the Jonathan administration. What he chronicles about the Buhari administration is also true i concede. What is very obvious from this article and others he has penned is that he is a PDP apologist through and through. His support for Jonathan is not in doubt and he believes the Joanthan Admin was the best thing to have happened to Nigeria. I would have had no issues with Shaka if he is as critical about the Government of GEJ (which deserves more than a gold medal in corruption) as he is of the Buhari administration.
        One may even be tempted to cut some slack for the present government (which is doing its best at the moment to displace GEJ as the most clueless if it does not change trajectory) based on the poor revenue that came it’s way. The GEJ admin was blessed with fantastic revenues never enjoyed by any Government in the history of this nation and what did we get it exchange? Mediocre performance and unbridled, mind-blowing stealing. Shaka should drop his partisanship and criticize all that that deserve it including his beloved GEJ and PDP.

        • Olusola Olusina Micheal

          thankz so much i concure

      • Gondswana

        Shaka did not exonerate anyone in this article. All he said repeatedly is that justice must be met to all in equal measure.

        • Don Franco

          Dear Gondswana:

          Does Shaka’s brand of justice in equal measure include Dasuki, Zakzakky, and Nnamdi Kanu, herdsmen murder victims; or is it justice in equal measures only for PDP defendants caught with their hands in the cookie jar?
          No where is partisanship and propaganda more effective (and dangerous ) than when it perverts and uses (and abuses ) actual truths like Shaka did. He knows better!
          At any rate, I thank you.

  • shakara123