Foundation Advocates Laudable Values to Productivity


“We are a people that are born into this country and we have a responsibility to this country. With over 180 million people, it is important that everything about us and about this country, about our life, about every indigene and every citizen works. And for that to be achieved, it requires the application of ideas to knowledge acquired while schooling in order to generate productivity.”

This is the summation of Ubong King, the founder of a non-governmental Organisation known as Ubong King Foundation at a press conference to announce the maiden edition of “ThinkAtion” scheduled to hold on Friday January 19, 2018 at the Civic Centre, Victoria Island Lagos.

The ‘ThinkAtion2018’ initiative is a platform to encourage productivity among the citizens which the youths form the bulk of the Nigerian populace. According to King, “When you give a man free food, you have stopped him thinking. And when you stop a man from thinking, you have stopped him from productivity.

“When we go to school we go to read and all we do is education, education, education. People come out of the university first, second class upper but tell them to handle a process it becomes a challenge because they are not applying themselves. There’s nothing wrong with education. But if you do not think with what you have, you are as good as you didn’t go to school at all. “That gave birth to the idea of ‘ThinkAtion’ that for you to have productivity, thinking must be added to education. That became the bedrock of ‘ThinkAtion’, thinking plus education.” He further stated that Africans all over the world are celebrated for being well educated and for high and excellent performances in the educational spheres, but a lot of her communities remain impoverished and underdeveloped. Adding that “We must transcend education and infuse thinking into education.”

Former Ghanaian president Jerry Rawlings is expected among the leaders from different facets of life that will feature at the occasion. The forum, the organisation noted, will be intimate, including leadership-driven conversations with quick-hitting expert presentations, followed by in-depth discussions with experts.

The Ubong King Foundation hopes to help Africans from all walks of life to bridge this gap by nurturing the minds and thought processes of Africans. It said that “It is important to have the productive population of a nation well groomed mentally to the point where they want to exceed the status quo that prevail in their surrounding, in order to attain their full potential in career, finance, health, business and relationships.”