HackCess Cybersecurity Confab Harps on Digitisation


Emma Okonji

The need for organisations to digitise their operations in order to address digital breaches, was the focus of this year’s HackCess Cybersecurity Conference held in Lagos recently.
According to the forum, digitisation has enormous positives but the terrifying reality is that of the ability for massive casualty when its security is compromised.

“Today’s speed of digitisation is a call to arms for cybersecurity professionals, enterprise architecture and security policy makers,” the forum advised.
The conference was organised by Tobeit Consulting Limited and sponsored by The West-Comstor Group, Sophos- Martnetworks and the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC). It was a free event with participant from multi industries, universities, government and vendors across Nigeria and Africa.

The theme for HackCess Nigeria 2017 was “Digitisation: Future CyberSecurity Landscape”.
The Chief Technology Officer of MNT Nigeria Mr. Hassan El-Cham, addressed the conference on the ‘Journey to Security of Things’. He explained that digital breaches happens because businesses choose to ignore or are reluctant to adopt best practices.

Regional Director, Symantec, Mr. Fady Iskander, stressed that there had been over 400 million malware attacks in 2016 and more to come in the future. Now is the time for decision makers to review their security strategies in order to stay safe in this era of digitalisation, he added.

Other speakers at the conference stressed the need for cybersecurity awareness, explaining that those that have not being hacked today, could be victims any day. They said everyone must take on precautionary measure to stay safe.
The conference had a discussion panel that was chaired by the CIO of Accion Bank, Mr. Benedict Anyalenkeya; Group Head, IT and Digital Banking Control at UBA, Mr. Laja Sorunke and Security Manager, Network Group, MTN Nigeria, Mr. Elliot Dhliwayo.