Christian Journalists Backs CAN on Nigeria’s Withdrawal from OIC


Kunle Adewale

The Nigerian Association of Christian Journalists, NACJ, has charged President Muhammadu Buhari to yield to the call of the Christian Association Of Nigeria, (CAN), for the removal of Nigeria from the membership of the Organization of Islamic Conference,( OIC).

In a press release signed by its secretary General, Charles Okhai, NACJ said there was no meaningful benefit of membership except for those with selfish agenda to Islamize the country.

“We make bold to demand that the country should exit from all other Islamic Bodies henceforth. If we are not a member of any International Christian body why OIC and others. We are a secular state, we must remain as such. We are not against Islam, but we furiously against any action that seems to disregard the fact that we are not all Muslims,” the statement said.

The association commended the leadership of CAN, led by its President Reverend Ayokunle, for taking the initiative to visit the President and demand for what is constitutionally the rights of Christians and also call on the National Assembly to use the legislative weapon to make right all that seem to divide us a nation.