Amazing, Mines and Steel Ministry Spends N700m on Web Portal

Minister for Solid Minerals Development, Dr. Kayode Fayemi

The Ministry of Mines and Steel Development (MMSD) has spent N700 million (almost $2 million) to develop an Integrated Automation and Interactive GIS Web Portal to improve `Ease-of-Doing-Business in the mining sector.
The Minister Dr Kayode Fayemi, disclosed this at the launching of the portal on Thursday in Abuja.

Fayemi said the portal was a cutting-edge initiative that leveraged technology for the innovation, efficiency and effectiveness in the mineral sector governance.

He said the overall objective of the project was to increase provision of reliable information and knowledge, to enhance the promotion of investments in the sector, using the technology-driven innovation and to increase the sector’s gross domestic product (GDP).

The portal was designed for mining investors to perform business processes such as online mining licences and mineral titles applications, online payment of royalties and fees, database for revenue drive and to block revenue leakages.

The portal, according to him, is to provide credible and timely information about the mining sector, performs and responds to online queries, business intelligence/analytics, reports and statistical data generation.

Other functions include ensuring that mining investors could view all existing mining titles and track them anywhere in the world through the portal, access all agencies information, global mining news, live chat and document library, among others. Lists of mining operators with valid licences and related minerals trade on private mineral buying centre and renewal of private mineral buying centres could also be accessed through the portal.

According to the minister, the portal is designed to serve as an input and decision support system to other entities of government (MDAs).
“This event is coming at a very auspicious time, on a broad scale; dividends of this administration’s commitment to turning around our economic fortunes,’’ he said.

He said Nigeria had moved up in the global market by 24 points in the ease of doing business index for 2018 in a recent report released by World Bank.
Fayemi said Nigeria was also ranked as one of the 10 most improved economies in the world. Fayemi said 75 staff had been trained on GIS across the mining sector.

He said the operation of online application of mining title and licences issued by Nigerian Mining Cadestre Office, online application of licences and permit issued by Mines Inspectorate Department and GIS laboratory, among others, would commence in the first quarter of 2018.

Alhaji Abubakar Bwari, Minister for State, Mines and Steel Development, said the integrated web portal was conceived as a means of making information more accessible to players and the public alike.
Bwari said the initiative was to revamp the sector, as the ministry was moribund before himself and the senior minister assumed leadership of the sector.
According to him, the government is a continuum and as long as subsequent administrations keep to track, mining will become the crown jewel of Nigeria’s economy.

Alhaji Mohammed Abbas, Permanent Secretary of the ministry, sought the support of the Ministry of Communication to assist with experts that would manage the portal effectively.
The ministers of communication, science and technology were represented at the event. The Women in Mining and Miners Association of Nigeria also witnessed the event.

  • QuintetGlobals

    Only in Nigeria that you could utilise a ridiculous amount of funds US$2M to develop a web portal. And this is just another avenue of Stealing Cash and embezzling funds. “looking for experts to manage the portal.” That is absurd and disgraceful to Nigerian citizens. I will develop and support the Portal for next to nothing. Can somebody tell us what the name of the portal

  • Razor

    That is why the country called Nigeria is messed up and always in decline. One step forward, fifteen backwards. Can you imagine freaking US$2M for a web portal???????? I am really CROSS about this news, it’s like all this talk about fighting corruption is just a BLOODY waste of time and noise making. Can you imagine what US$2M bucks can do for the economy? It could be used in repairing lots of death trap highways across the country, that money can build a standard factory that can produce goods for export and local consumption thereby creating direct and indirect employment to many citizens, that money can also renovate lots of classroom blocks across the country and many more. What a country! That country is CORRUPT big time.

  • josvinco

    That is a typical fraud perpetrated by the office of the Ministry of Mines and “Stealing “.

  • Daniel Obior

    A whooping N700 million to develop a web portal, in Nigeria? Most of the money has corruptly gone into some people’s pockets. Yet this type of a thing is happening under the nose of “Mr Corruption” in his fight against corruption, which in itself is being corruptly prosecuted. We are not fooled.

    • Don Gratias

      Na wao. 700 million to develop a web portal. Fayemi, please clap for your self 3 times. Nonsense.

      • Tony Ezeifedi

        2019 is around the corner. So they are desperately gathering money for their dirty campaign.

      • Toby

        He is even looking for experts to manage the portal. Terrible leaders.