I Assist Nigerians Get Canadian Visa, Scholarships



Taiwo Roluga is a seasoned immigration consultant with years of experiencein immigration into Canada. In this interview with Tosin Clegg, he talks about immigration and how Nigerians are excelling in the American country

I always like to help people
As an immigrant in Canada, a lot of people ask me, how they can I relocate or work in Canada. I have been through the system and I understand the process and I am a licensed immigration consultant by the Government of Canada to help anyone who wants to study, visit and reside permanently in Canada. So, that’s what prompted my interest because a lot of people are asking questions so I felt this is what I can do to help people get original information.
I have been doing this for four years
I set up an office in Nigeria last year. I was doing it in Canada but middle of last year I opted to start it in Nigeria fully. The Nigerian and Canadian economy are different. Nigeria is a developing country and regardless of where you live you are still a Nigerian. So I see myself as a Nigerian and even though I’m permanently based in Canada with my family, I still see myself as a Nigerian as I was born and raised here. I was going out with my daughter couple of years ago and we met a white lady and she saw that my daughter was friendly and she said she liked us and asked where we are from and my daughter said, ‘Well I’m Canadian and my dad is Nigerian.’ I can’t hide the fact that I’m a Nigerian.
About Tar Global Placement
ICCRC is a regulatory body in Canada. There are rules and one is that you can’t guarantee success. That is because you don’t control the outcome and we are not allowed to play God, so what we do is that we cover all the angles as we are versed in Canadian immigration law; we know what the consular wants to see and this is what we gear ourselves towards. Also the experience of living in North America, I understand the way the average Canadian thinks and hence I know what they want to see. So, it makes us different from others out there who promise you heaven and earth then fail to deliver.
For us, it’s based on experience and being vast in Canadian immigration laws. So if you come to me with an application that I think won’t work I would advise you. That’s how we are.
There weren’t a lot of Nigerians in Canada
Everyone wanted to go to London and US, No one wanted to come to Canada because there is this perception that one, it’s too far, two it’s too cold. The US and the UK immigration laws became tougher especially when you go to study in the UK and you are done, you are sent back to your country as there is no permission to work. But Canada gives you that opportunity to stay behind, work for three years apply for work permit and ultimately apply for permanent residence and apply for Canadian passport and that’s the beauty of Canada. It’s one of the most beautiful and safest places in the world. I have lived there and a lot of Nigerians are moving to Canada applying for different programmes.
Nigerian entertainers are coming to Canada
I remember I went for a Wizkid concert and I noticed the crowd as I couldn’t go in as there were too many people. I stood next to a white police officer who asked if he was American and I replied he is Nigerian but further asked if he was a Nigerian that grew up in the US. I told him he is a Nigerian that was born and grew in Nigeria and that he even became a star in Nigeria before coming over and he was surprised because the turnout of people of different races and nationalities was huge. They were about 80 policemen at the event. Initially it was 10 because they thought it was going to be a small event. The artistes follow the money and come to Canada to perform. There are several artistes that have made Canada home and they are the popular ones and I have met a few of them.
Entertainment is different
An example is, in Canada the National sport is hockey and they play it a lot, talk about it day and night especially if you work in a corporate environment be prepared to talk about hockey on a Monday morning. For someone like myself, we know football but they know nothing about this people. So you have to balance the two but in terms of entertainment; over there, it’s vibrant and we have a lot of popular Canadian artistes such as Celine Dion, Drake, Justin Bieber and much more. So, the industry is good and also proximity to the US. So with that, we get a lot of entertainment that sips in from the US.
A great example is the government of Ontario who brought in King Sunny Ade a couple of years ago and I was able to see him at 70 performing so well. The crowd was crazy and I saw a lot of Canadians wearing danshiki and dancing to Nigerian music. He really represented Nigeria well and a year after they brought in Femi Kuti and he represented Nigeria very well too. The government of Canada brings a lot of established Nigerian acts to come over and perform.
Fake documentations is very common
This is why most embassies have issues with Nigerian applicants. So what I do is advise my clients from the beginning to avoid that issue. So if you are presenting a document I can’t verify I would give you a document to sign so if the document you are giving is fake especially a bank statement, you will be done for misrepresentation and that’s one of the most powerful words in Canadian lexical. If you get done for this you would be banned for five years and you cannot do anything for the next five years and once you get done, it’s there on your record.