Always Ahead: The Reward for Dedicated Service to the People

By Simeon Nwakaudu 

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike is certainly a clinical politician, administrator and dispenser of developmental projects. But personally, I don’t think these are the features that have kept him victorious.

The governor operates in a vicious political terrain, replete with sadistic opposition politicians who are ever ready to destroy the fortunes of the state just to gain political mileage. It is obvious that Governor Wike is always ahead because of God’s favour on him.

The blessing of God on his administration is the reward for his dedicated service to the good people of Rivers State. His daily toil to change the fortunes of the state for the better is known to the people.

Whenever discerning credible organisations resolve to honour Governor Wike, those defeated by the people gnash their teeth in extreme agony. They weep on the rooftop as if their political future has been terminated. They go to ridiculous lengths in their attempt to disparage whatever honour is bestowed on the people’s governor.

It was the same when he bagged the Sun Newspaper Governor of the Year 2016, the Authority Newspaper Man of the Year, 2016 and the Independent Newspapers Man of the Year, 2016. These opposition elements took up paid advertorials in national dailies in their attempt to demean these awards. The more they wept, the more prominent the recognition.

Like it is stated in Exodus 13:21: “By day the LORD went ahead of them in a pillar of cloud to guide them on their way and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, so that they could travel by day or night.” This is the situation with Governor Wike’s administration. The protection and guidance are beyond the  reach of the opposition.

It is no longer news that Governor Wike was the only African honoured at the 12th Global Forum on Human Settlements & Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements Awards Ceremony (GFHS XII) at the United Nations Plaza in New York City on Monday night. Governor Wike was honoured with the  Global Human Settlements Outstanding Contribution Award.

The global award was in recognition of the governor’s outstanding achievements  in the area of urban renewal, sustainable cities and provision of basic amenities to the residential areas of low-income earners.

The 12th Global Forum on Human Settlements & Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements Awards Ceremony (GFHS XII) was jointly organised by the Permanent Mission of the Gambia to the UN, the Permanent Observer Mission of the African Union to the UN (AU), the Global Forum on Human Settlements (GFHS), the United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment), the University Peace Federation (UPF), the World Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (WANGO) and the better City Institute (BCI). All the organisers participated in the award ceremony which was beamed live to the world on different platforms.

Speaking at the award ceremony in New York on Monday night, a Representative of the United Nations Environment, Mara Murillo said that the organisation salutes Global Forum on Human Settlements & Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements for having developed the awards and the constituency for which it has been organised.

Ms. Mara Angélica Murillo-Correa, Senior Programme Officer of Intergovernmental Affairs, United Nations Environment Programme, New York Office congratulated the 23 awardees who were selected for their positive achievements and leadership.

The Representative stated: “The awards recognise their feats which inspire and encourage others to innovate and replicate similar feats.”

The Vice Chairman of Global Forum on Human Settlements & Sustainable Cities, Dr Taj Hamad said all the awardees have made great achievements that merit the awards.

Permanent Representative of the Gambia to the United Nations, Mamadou Tangara urged all awardees to continue to work  for sustainable cities across the world.

The award was presented to the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike by the Vice President of Global Forum on Human Settlements & Sustainable Cities, Dr Taj  Hamad.

In an acceptance speech after receiving the award, Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike pledged before the global audience that he will continue his landmark projects to improve the living condition of the Rivers people.

He said: “Let me on behalf of the Government and people of Rivers State sincerely thank the organisers  of this award for the recognition.

“To also commit ourselves that we will progressively provide infrastructure and  social services that will enhance  the living standards of all Rivers people on a sustainable basis.”

As the entire country erupted in wild celebration over the recognition extended to the Rivers State Governor, leaders of the Rivers State APC quickly called an emergency factional caucus meeting.  Of course, the only agenda of that meeting was to find ways to mislead the public on the award.

A statement was immediately issued and commercial placements paid for. The Rivers APC claimed that UN Habitat replied a mail claiming that no award was given to the Rivers State Governor.

Since it was a paid commercial placement, those who published never cared to do due diligence. As produced in the body of this write-up, UN Habitat was not amongst the organisers of the award. All the organisers and their supporting agencies were clearly listed.

But the antecedents of the APC are known. Lying is an integral part of their operations. Deception is second nature to them.

Alabo George Kelly in a Facebook post captured the fraudulent outcry of the Rivers APC thus: “Someone gets a first class from UNIBEN. Rather than get yours, you are writing to UNIPORT to find out if they awarded the degree. Na wa!”

The Rivers APC chooses to judge everyone by their very low standards. Because they governed by deception, they believe that others will act in that wise. The invisible Karibi White Hospital still haunts the Rivers APC. The N3trillion squandered by the Rivers APC in eight years still represents Rivers worst story of public theft.

The facts of the award to Governor Wike are public knowledge, but the APC needed to issue a statement, no matter how ridiculous.

Opposition politics must be done within the confines of reason. Opposition politics should not be targeted at pulling down the state the way  the Rivers APC  has done at all times. An administration blessed by God cannot be cursed by demonic forces.

The award ceremonies were aired live. The reports were were in several national television stations, while major national newspapers published the outcome.

The Global Forum on Human Settlements & Sustainable Cities issued their official press release on the award ceremony backed by relevant pictures.

The Global Forum on Human Settlements & Sustainable Cities website outlined all those who won awards.

The website stated: “In the total 23 awards and 6 major categories of “SCAHSA”: Mannheim, Germany, Surabaya, Indonesia, Wuyi County, Zhejiang Province, China are the receivers of Global Green City award; “Smart Retro in Lahti, Finland” won the Global Model of Urban Renewal award; “Massive Bicycle Parking Facilities in Mexico City” won the Global Model of Green Mobility award; the Zipline Adventure Tours in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, U.S. , and China Zhejiang Changshan Sanqu Stone Forest Scenic Area won the Global Low-Carbon Ecological Scenic Spots award; CSCEC • Meixi Lake Center, SNTO • MudanGe, Gezhouba Nanjing Jianye District Land 8-6 plots and Metropolis Mansion together obtained the Global Human Settlements Model of Community award; Haikou Mission Hills Centreville won the Global Model of Green Cultural Commercial Complex; CGPV Industrial Building System Industrial Park in Malaysia won Global Model of Green Building Industrialization award; India Mumbai Reimagining Public Spaces, Sustainable Improvement of Romani Settlements in Bulgaria, as well as China Vanke• Wonderland, Prime Orienting, Harbin International Agricultural Exhibition Center respectively won the Global Human Settlements Award on Planning and Design; Serge Salat, President of Urban Morphology and Complex Systems Institute, Paris, Trust for Social Achievement, Bulgaria and Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, CON, GSSRS, the Governor of the Rivers State of Nigeria, won the Global Human Settlements Outstanding Contribution Award; Filler master batch with high content of calcium carbonate of China won the Global Human Settlements Model of Green Technology award; the United States Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce gained the Global Model of Green Business award for its outstanding contribution to green business model.”

Majority of the awardees are distinguished organisations and cities from across the globe. The awards are contested for, based on established criteria and it has been held for 12 times.

From the awards website came the Background Information of the “Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements Awards.”

According to the information posted on the (SCAHSA) website: “The “Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements Award” (SCAHSA) (originally named “Global Human Settlements Award”) is an annual worldwide prize awarded by Global Forum on Human Settlements (GFHS) and supported United Nations Environment Programme and other UN agencies. It is  focused on promoting the implementation of UN Sustainable Development Goals and the mission of the GFHS by encouraging Awardees and recommending their prominent progress and valuable experience over the course of a greener and more sustainable goal.”

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, as Acting President visited Rivers State, saw the marvellous works of Governor Wike and nicknamed him, “Mr Project”. When next he visited,  the Rivers APC issued a diabolical press statement warning him against making statements on projects on ground.  They claimed in their Press Statement that they are yet to recover from the ‘Mr Project’ classification.

The transformation and general development taking place in Rivers State is real. Any man of conscience who visits the state appreciates the efforts  of the Wike administration.

As a result of his accomplishments, Governor Wike is ever ready to account for his steadwardship. The Global Human Settlements Outstanding Contribution Award conferred on Governor Wike is an international recognition of the accolades that Governor Wike receives on the streets of Rivers State.

Governor Wike was recognised  for constructing the Iriebe Medium Housing Estate, Rivers Quarters at the NNS Pathfinder, Quarters for Junior Staff of the DSS and facilitating the improved investment in housing by private investors.

The Rivers State Governor further  received commendations for investing in land reclamation/sand filling in Asari-Toru, Degema, Akuku-Toru and Port Harcourt Local Government Areas. The massive infrastructural development in the urban local government areas and the provision of educational and health facilities across the state counted in favour of the governor as they improved the living conditions of the people.

Governor Wike has shown utmost commitment to the rapid development of Rivers State.  He has judiciously invested the scarce resources of the state to the satisfaction of the people and he has remained on the side of the people.

It is for this reason that the people of Rivers State are totally with Governor Wike. That is why Governor Wike is far ahead of his political opponents despite their evil machinations and propaganda.