Employ Only People with Verifiable History, Employers Told


In a bid to mitigate the growing incidents of repetitive workplace crime as well as to recognise outstanding behavior, employers and recruiters have been urged by VerifyMe Nigeria (VMN), an identification and employment data reporting platform, to ensure that only workers with verified identities and work history are considered for employment in their organisations and homes.

Speaking on the company’s unique offering, Tunji Oluwole, Founder and CEO of VerifyMe Nigeria, stated that the service was conceptualised out of the need to ensure workplace transparency in Nigeria, and promote quality of work by compiling and reporting verified employee work history where available.

He said: “VerifyMe Nigeria is identification and employment data reporting platform that will curb workplace crime, provide additional security in our homes, and enable business to employ the right resource. Prior to our emergence on the scene, the standard practice was for employers and recruitment agencies to screen workers based on information supplied by the workers themselves. This creates a credibility gap as people will naturally proffer information that benefits their interests. As a result, insightful data is lost along the way which the employer, and sometimes, even the worker, eventually pays for in unpleasant circumstances.”

Also speaking on the proposition, Mr. Esigie Aguele, Chief Operation Officer of VMN, stated that the company deploys cutting edge technology to provide reporting insights to enable employers of labour make informed hiring decisions. According to him, “Our innovative solution captures, compiles and maintains a unique and secure identity verification of each worker on the database so employers are reasonably sure of the identity of who they employ into their organisations and homes. It also ensures that they have access to the comprehensive work history of their employees on demand. Our portal leverages on government data points for unified identity verification and all our biometric devices meet international standards for collecting and maintaining biometric data.

Aguele also explained that the ability of employers to access workers’ documented identity and work history reports by previous employers serves as a secure second-level check to the records presented by the candidates themselves.
According to him, “The idea is for employers of labour to register their workers on the VerifyMe Nigeria portal so they have a unified database for their workers. This, in turn, will eliminate incidences of ghost workers and other human capital risks. With their smartphones, tablets or other internet-enabled devices, employers and recruiters can immediately verify candidate backgrounds when they present themselves for employment. This will enshrine a culture of transparency and accountability in the workforce.

“Similarly, workers seeking employment can register on the portal and present their unique numbers to potential employers to verify reports of good behaviour or defend themselves against negative ones. Overall, it’s a win-win for employers, employees and every stakeholder within the employment ecosystem in Nigeria,” he added.

Founded in 2013, VerifyMe Nigeria has evolved to become the leading worker verification and work history reporting company in Nigeria. The company’s bouquet of services include: identity verification, address verification, guarantor verification, police arrest records query and credentials verification.

The company’s solutions cut across all sectors of the Nigerian economy including white- and blue-collar employees in corporate organisations as well as domestic staff. Clientele include government, corporate organisations, hotels, residential estates and small businesses.

VerifyMe Nigeria is a member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS).